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Hi, I am using kintex kc705 fpga board and VIVADO for following project: and it uses microblaze processor for software part. There is another project which is built over above project by adding additional compression(JPEG 2000) feature to it.
Can I use wavelet transform for video compression in fpga.
Dear All, I am trying to implement the latest video compression algorithm H.265/HEVC. My idea is to implement the Encoder first on Simulink and then Implement the Critical Block of Motion Estimation on fpga. Can anyone suggest something regarding this project? Also, if you could please share some documents that could be used as a reference then
Hi all, I'm looking for a chip to compress 720p/1080p raw video from my image sensor to h264 codec. In particular i'm looking for a Soc circuit easy to implement with my mcu. I've found a lot of products using fpga processors. But i don't really want use them becouse are a lot complex and long to work with. What i'm looking for is a real time conv
as a part of my project i create a matrix using type arr_type is array (7 downto 0) of std_logic_vector(7 downto 0); signal my_array:arr_type; bt i don't know how to enter the values into the matrix plz help me I guess you posted this in the wrong section. Please go to "PLD, SPLD, GAL, CPLD, fpga Design" and post i
That's a nice picture. :) And now for something completely different: have you got an architectural diagram of the algorithm of how it will look in an fpga? if not - drawing this is a good place to start before you even go anywhere near VHDL.
Hey guys I am working on implementing the algorithm of 2D DCT on Nexy2 from Digilent, which is based on Xilinx Spartan 3E. My main concern is data precision and its implications on the memory. The board has 16MB SDRAM (which I am planning to use for this calculation) and 16MB Flash Memory (which i'm only planning to use to fetch constant da
I am working on a project on real time video compression system using fpga. Is SPARTAN 3E kit sufficient for my project (in terms of memory required and camera interfacing),or do i need to look at some other kit??
Hi guys, Need suggestions of realistic applications that can fit in 10k LE fpga, compression? networking? video? Pls feel free to drop any suggestion. Thanks!
hi ,sir/mam i am doing project on lifting based 2d dwt for image compression using matlab & verilog me... is there any c code for dwt..& how to convert c to verilog code.
I dont know what the problem is. Complex arithmatic is just normal arithmatic - add, multiply etc. Easily done on an fpga: (A + Bj) * (C + Dj) = (AC - BD) + (BC + AD)j Thats just 4 multipliers and 2 adders (to keep the real and imaginary paths separate). You can do this with fixed or floating.
hello I want a vocoder to comperes speech with bit rate less than 2.4kbps. do anyone know chipset or library? if i want to implement it on dsp or fpga which algorithm is suitable for implementation with desired bit rate? thanks
hi 2 every one. my proposal in university is ecg data compression with ladt algorithm , but i have problem with it. is in this forum body to help me ? for example in matlab coding or in implemantion with fpga or every idea ? thank you.
hi friends. i am doing my final year project titled "fpga Implementation of Pipelined 2D-DCT and Quantization Architecture for JPEG Image compression". I have completed the coding in verilog. I need help from you for preparing my project report. I am not able to find enough materials on internet. can any one who has done a similar project mail me s
I am working with a custom board that will be used for evaluating the performance of two measurement ADCs (AD9649 & ADS6143) at high temp. The output of the ADCs is connected to a Cyclone 3 fpga. An SPI interface is used to gather data from the fpga and log it into a computer. What I currently have is the following: 1. A 2^14 length FIFO buffer
i am doing my final year project related to video compression using fpga, for that matter i need to send an image first through matlab, get it compressed and see the results, what I am getting back from fpga can be seen thorough .dat file. if anyone can suggest me any solution?
hi i have written a vhdl code for image compression n i have simulated using modelsim too. if i have to implement on fpga wat is that i need to do. i really have no knowledge of fpga. i jus want to know do all thae programs which are simulated are eligible for fpga implementation ????? or wat is the requirement for a (...)
can IDCT be computed on fpga in the same architecture used for computing DCT? changing the bit precision of the stages This is for an image compression project.....
Hi I am doing a project on Video Processing on fpga. I would like to know how I can store video (not as a video but as a frame Image) on to an fpga. I am using a Spartan 3e Board. I know about the single port RAM block in Xilinx System generator but not knowing how to get it to work. Is RAM the way to go forward to store image to do pixel process
Hello friends Does anybody have the VHDL source code for implementing EZW or SPIHT algorithms on fpga? Thanks in adv