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hi Gs65, Have you implemented your code in fpga ? I doubt it will work.
Could you be more specific with: 1. Are you interfacing any camera to your fpga to capture the image and store it in fpga ? 2. Are you doing any image processing algorithm in fpga ? 3. How are you interfacing the fpga to your lcd monitor ? 4. fpga specifications ?
Given this is the block doesn't appear to be a GPIO interface from the ARM so you'll have to write some HDL (verilog/VHDL) to interface the AHB bus to a set of GPIO pins from the Versatile fabr
Probably some work required (creating pin constraints) to get it running on a specific board like Altera DE2. But these should be enough to get you started.
:) Hey! i'm doing a project in spartan 3e using fpga! i'm really trying to do a clock but i can't do it ...i don't know even how too start.. Then I guess some reading is in order.
Hi, I started experimenting with fpga's on a Spartan-3E starter kit about a month ago. My first objective was to drive the lcd module on it to see the results of my routines. But unfortunately it was quite a hard task without support from xilinx of any kind. The only examples they provide are implemented with the 'picoblaze' microcontroller. In th
Hi, im new in verilog coding, i need help for the 2-line lcd display in Altera DE2 board I want to write a coding when switch 1 on, it will change the text in display and address value, and for the switch 2 I have compiled the coding and found some error, so someone help me solve the problem? always @(posedge CLOCK_50 or negedge SW)
hai i get the verilog code for i2c protocol controller. But how can i give values to different registers like command,transmit etc and how implement commn between master and slave . slave is a lcd display. Please reply
hai friends...i need a code for lcd display on fpga spartan3e starter kit in verilog...can anyone help me out plzzz.we r implementing an encoder interface unit on fpga..i have to submit my project in 2days:sad::sad:
Hi Friends, I'm designing the SMS4 Design in the Xilinx with verilog Language. this time i have plan to be implement in fpga Spartan 3E 250E Kit. can any one help me how to load the input in rom of (input 128 bits/ key 128 bits). and also i have to display the result in lcd 2x16 Display. kindly send me your comments to (...)
Hi, I've been trying to interface the lcd with my SPARTAN 3 XC3S400 PS208 kit. the Control Line interface with fpga Control Bit fpga PIN lcd_E 168 lcd_RS 171 lcd_RW_BAR 169 Data Line Interface Control Bit fpga Pin (...)
hi all I want to display a simple red square via on the lcd and I am using xc3200 xilinx chip and I started to work on fpga stuffs 2 weeks ago:D I'm wondering if someone helps me with the verilog code:| I do not know how to start it. thanks
Hello. Is there any program like proteus but for VHDL/verilog/fpga tools? For example, I have made a VHDL code to drive a text lcd, it would be nice to be able to test it with some program like proteus and see it's functionality. Thank you very much. Oh, I am sorry, I forgot, this is the link for proteus:
Hi Im a newbie to fpga board and verilog. all im trying to do is to use the Stratix EP1S80 DSP board(from ALTERA) to display a radio time signal by using MTC-16204(16 pins lcd) could someone guide me here please
Anyone know where i can find verilog code for an lcd display controller. I am suing xilinx, and i have to test it using Xilinx's Spartan-3E fpga thats on the Basys board.
Hi all, This time I need to interface 16x2 lcd Display with Spartan 3 fpga. I basically need schematic for the lcd interface circuit. Let there be a feature of controlling the backlight of lcd. Also need to put a Trim Pot to control the contrast of lcd. If anyone have readymade (...)