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Hi bro. I have 2 questions, please answer me. 1-Why sometime for programming of microblaze in xilinx fpga use while(1) loop and sometimes dont? see below code for example... I want to generate a PWM signal using the Timer/Counter IP Core. Nothing shows up. What I did: Added the core, connected the PWM0 port of the core to an ex
Did you try to find it out by doing some search? The 3rd line of my search brings comes up uBlaze FAQ: Your Q is answered there in - How many microblaze processors can run on a single fpga device? Regarding "independent and mutually exclusive" I think diggin
I am new to fpga design and have been tasked with a very complex artix based microblaze design at my company. :roll: I would appreciate any comments on wether this is suitable for my microblaze Artix based design or wether there should be any extra stages added? You need to write firmware for the u
Hi, I am using kintex kc705 fpga board and VIVADO for following project: and it uses microblaze processor for software part. There is another project which is built over above project by adding additional compression(JPEG 2000) feature to it.
Hi, I have a complete Xilinx microblaze desing that is working on a specific fpga. I got the design and want to use it on another fpga that I have. How can I do that?
Hi everyone! I had a semester of embedded systems class where we created and worked with Linux on Zynq7010 SoC. Since I had a Spartan 6 devboard, I wanted to embed a Linux on it. I've created the microblaze processor in XPS (see attached .mhs file), and made some tests in SDK - Hello World, Peripheral Test, and Memory Test - and the were all w
Hi all, Im trying to get an idea if it is possible to implement a microblaze processor on Nexys3 Board (Xilinx - XC6SLX16) with very light program that pass data to I2C controller(from Uart) without choking the fpga resources. In other words how can i estimate the amount of resources do i need for the microblaze and it's program? (...)
Maybe you can answer this yourself. Can you debug a program running on an Arduino without connecting to a hardware? I'm assuming "connecting to a hardware" means attaching a debug cable of some sort from the board (fpga/Arduino) to a PC.
What LCD are you trying to control? Do you have a datasheet? What is BLU? Need more information to make a wise decision... Assuming your embedded C backround - perhaps it'd be a good idea to implement a soft processor on your fpga (microblaze for Xilinx).
I recommend that you make the microblaze system as a component to be included in a "normal" fpga project. Then you will also have the knowledge to make fpga designs without microblaze. It might be easier for a beginner to let the microblaze system be the top level, but you will not learn how to do an (...)
hi , i am using the microblaze to calculate some thing and after that i want to show it on the lcd i have on my board . i ddidnt know exactly how to do it , so i searched and now i want to use this code to run the lcd for now : #include #include #include XGpio e,rs,rw,lcd_data; char reverse(char data) {
hi , i want to implement microblaze on fpga , i do the step by step according to this pdf file but only thing i get in an error , does any one know what should i do to make it solved and don't see any error at least in this step ??? Source of hello world tutorial: i get error when i ty
First remark. I don't think that soft processor C problems should go to the fpga section. It's just embedded C, using some specific libraries. Maybe you got the homework assignment in your fpga course, but that's no sufficient reason to post it here. The overall main() layout looks confused. We would expect an initialization part, e.g. setting u
hello Someone has already work on the code for the conncetion of gyrocompass HMC5883L with microblaze in 3AN fpga
I doubt it will do 166MHz in a Spartan 6. In one of the other Xilinx fpga families maybe.
I'm not sure you really want to run the microblaze in your simulation. Just to boot the microblaze will take hundreds of microseconds if not hundreds of milliseconds of simulation time. If you really want to do this you'll have to load the mif files into block rams and also initialize any external ram that you are using (if any, unless that is mana
Hi everybody, I'm a beginner in fpga and I need your help. I'm working with EDK 12.4 and ML507 VIRTEX5 board. My goal is to connect the MBLite opencore processor to the Xilinx microblaze. The problem is that MBLite support only Wishbone bus as interface or the microblaze can support FSL and PLB Bus. In this situation, the two softcores (...)
Hi everybody, I am working on fpga virtex5 and EDK xilinx 12.4. I look for a tool which can transform the executable.elf (generated by the microblaze execution) to a mem file ( extension .mem). Thanks in advance.
i need to send files from my PC windows 7 to fpga virtex 5 using FTP server and i don t know how to configure FTP server on my fpga. can anybody help please?
Hi everybody I tried to implement a very simple microblaze hardware on my custom board based on XC3S400 fpga. But in the first step of developing code in the SDK environment I have faced with a strange error; after exporting my platform into the SDK environment and before any build command or any execution or even any developing code .I saw the

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