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I have a linear and color CCD (rgb) with low sensitivity or response, according to it's data sheet. My work is based on fpga and VHDL. analog output of this CCD sensor ,observed on oscilloscope screen, has below typical shape. but it acts reversely. that is, the differences between the reference level and data level will be max while dark source
I have generated VGA signal, both data and timing (rgb and v_sync, h_sync) at the rate 60 Hz from fpga. The frame size consist of 640 x 480 pixel. I have tested the signals v_sync, h_sync by connecting them to LEDs on board, which works fine but there is no output on the screen just screen turns black. I am not sure about the frame rate of DELL
Yes the fpga can directly drive the LVDS and then near the LCD you need to have LVDS receiver. However I would recommend to use external LVDS receiver you may
Thank you greygoo, i have another doubt regarding to IP cores.. is there any IP's in Xilinx for Vga interface with fpga for an rgb image.?? if not can you help me with any RTL block diagram or verilog code for vga interface.?? please help me out.....
hi. i am working on image processing on an fpga board and i have a few things to ask. here are those: 1. i want to convert an image from rgb colorspace to hsv colorspace. can i display the converted image (in hsv) to a monitor through the vga? and how? 2. i am also using the sd card slot for reading the image from sd card. i am working on alt
Hey, I am new to verilog. I want to know what verilog code should be written to read an image as input that further more a algorithm can process it? Thanks Regards
Is there any specific reason you want to use an fpga? I think the hard part is to write the data to a hard disk fast enough. What kind of disk do you have in mind?
Hi, I think you need a CPLD and DVI receiver to covert HDMI/DVI to the 8-bit parallel video data. For low resolution DVI/HDMI interface, spartan6 fpga could be a single chip solution.8-)
Hi; I think you should interaface to memory with an fpga may be. Digital parallel rgb video as input to fpga, then store to a memory. Then some interface needed to read from the stored image (may as you said may be USB...) Spartan3 might be enough (i am not an expert on it).
Did any of you have success in practice with maxim app note 4208, i did not get the the fpga code from Mr. Walter Chen , if someone have some information about it, please let help us. i am asking so many tims this fpga code but they not shared this code
One chip solution is prefered. I do not like fpga or DSP this time, because there will be a lot of software work to do. The chip would supply digital bus to MCU to read back the compressed video data. This chip should also supply NTSC or PAL anlaog video signal input channel or else it can receive digital video data(rgb eg.). thanks a lot
Hello, I would like to do a LVDS to rgb converter in a fpga but I have difficulties to understand how is encoded the LVDS signal. I especially want to know the number of channel and deserialization factor I should use in my converter. the LVDS transmitter used to generate the LVDS signal is:
any help from experts for Need rgb LED Matrix Pannel Design Help for fpga
hey,can any one please help me how to convert multidimensional array into one dimensional array.... i'm new in fpga and using system generator in matlab.. i want to get camera data into a fpga... since its rgb it has dimensions of but the GATE IN block allows only one dimension so can u plz help me to solve the problem
Hi! I am also interested in CCIR601/656 generator IP core for fpga (or digital rgb to CCIR601/656 converter). For moment, try AD7181 chip
For all DVI related stuff you will need a PHY because no fpga has a TMDS interface. Standard SerDes on Virtex, Stratix of LatticeSC are capable of handling the speed of the DVI link. The encoding is not that difficult (8b/10b). For the mapping, I'm referring to Silicon Image. They have lots of info. PAL to rgb: Get a copy of the book Video Demy
Congratulations, this is a very nice project. You can also try to use a fpga to generate the rgb signals. There is some threads about that in this forum. So, you can free some processor´s time. Again, congratulations!! best regards Breno
fpga or color LCD drivers are both good bet.
Hi all, I'm new in this field, anybody have some resource on how to create an electronic message display system using rgb LED and send the message through hyperterminal? I want to know how to program the fpga to receive the message and decode it to the Row and Collum of the rgb LED display module to display the message. Anybody h
Dear all, Anyone can show me how to convert YCrCb to rgb by fpga??? The equation as ............. R = Y + 1.402 (Cr-128) G = Y - 0.34414 (Cb-128) - 0.71414 (Cr-128) B = Y + 1.772 (Cb-128) Thank you for reply!!!:D regards, etrobin
do u think it is worth checking composite to rgb conversion in fpga
help required urgently to convert composite to rgb signals.using cpld or fpga. Any core available or info which i can read about it.? Thanks and much appreciated
I'm designing a cmos image sensor (LM9647 ) capture system with fpga,color interpolation algorithm is used to takes the sequence of single-channel color pixels and creates a full three-channel rgb color image.I find some useful papers in,but I am confused by these methods when I want to implement the simple one of them in
Is there anybody with experience in this field? I have to develope a Digital Visual Interface receiver on an Altera fpga: I have to extract the rgb bits and the syncs. I'm also looking for DVI transceiver chips vendors. Any help? Thanks in advance, A.C.