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Hello everyone, right now i have the adc module (12-bits) which i convert it to BCD and then ASCII number since hyperterminal understand ASCII code. For UART TX module, i use the one in and it works but hyperterminal output multiple times like this . I believe some cont
hello. i am trying to operate by robot for specific application with fpga spartan-3.i need to interface adc with fpga. please anyone could share a verilog code for interfacing adc IC with fpga spartan-3.its urgent.
Hello All !!!!! I am trying to implement FIR filter on fpga. I am not able make out how to go about it. I have calculated the coefficients and written a verilog code.There is 12 bit adc which will provide the input. I am thinking of converting the 12 bit input into decimal, then apply the filter equation, then convert the answer into binary (...)
Hi, I'm newbie for fpga. Actually I'm doing a project where i need to do combustible gas detector. I'm using combustible gas sensor and send the output to adc 0804 which will be interface with altera cyclone ii board. I have no idea how to do the verilog code. Anyone can help me
Hellow, I am working on a project which includes adc interfacing fpga. I have very little idea about it. Please provide a sample code in verilog, which can help. Thank you!!
As far as know there are no Analog Digital Converter (adc) embedded in the fpga. You should use external module and the interface for the adc can be written in verilog or VHDL.
Hello guys, I am trying to interface adc 0808 with spartan 3E fpga.can anyone please tell me how to do verilog program of this?.adc 0808 works at 450 KHz and fpga 50 i have to use different adc or i can do it with 0808. please help. thank you for your time and help
hi lads and happy holidays I am trying to implement a routine, basic code on a fpga with verilog. this will simply perform some calculations, adc/math operands etc to alter the supply voltage. I am doing this to simply have control over the power usage of the fpga. also I would like to have an additional bus for (...)
Hi, I've been learning the basics (very basic) of DSP and I wanted to try to implement things in verilog. Histograms DAC->adc etc. How does one go about doing this on an fpga? I have the Spartan 3E starter kit. Not an fpga built specifically for DSP, but should be enough to get something going.
Hello . Any one can provide example using verilog to interface 10 bit SAR adc parallel out to cpld/fpga and out put i2c data ? Thx .
what kind of signal should the fpga generate for u? PWM?
hi all,, i want a litel help in making my project on fpga ,,, i m planing to make a samall scale model of NDT(non distructive testing) here i giving general oveview,, i will take a anolog signal from sensonr thn give it to the adc ,,, i want to store 1 saple per second and display it on LCD display ,,, then i want to store the
Hi people, I request any question about adc with fpga or PLD. How can I make adc with fpga or PLD? Thanks all.