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I have an idea for you. Go to Opencores. There filter out all the fpga implemented projects. For most of them, the authors have summarized the resource utilization. The fpga part used for those projects would be old ones. I don't which one you would be using. But with a little calc you should be able to find out the one (...)
Kickstarter has $29 Spartan 6 board to help you learn fpga, verilog / VHDL and comes with with I2C, UART, SPA, LED. I hope this is something that will be of interest to the community. Please see
projects such as this are a frequent topic. See the list of related threads further down this page. Try a search on 'verilog spwm', or 'fpga spwm'.
is it true? Unfortunately, it's very true. Fresh graduates rarely have the required "hands on" skills to be productive from their first day on the job. If you're interested in front end VLSI I suggest that you familiarize yourself with verilog and verification tools and do a few projects on an fpga. This will at least give you some
You will not find IP cores here the way you find in fpga projects. You either have to build your own RAMs or instantiate them from some external vendor. Why don't you build your own RAMs?
Hi, I'm Electronic Engineer with 5 years of experience at the fields of DSP, fpga and board design. Contact me if you need any help with your project, including Matlab simulations, VHDL/verilog codding and simulation, designing and modeling of communication systems, image processing. Shlomy.
to do projects on vlsi, you better know the vhdl and verilog languages... search and pick up the project you like using fpga. start doing coding and if you have doubts post a thread in fpga forum
try using Picoblaze (kcpsm3) from xilinx for xilinx fpga. u can simulate it in modelsim. It has both verilog and Vhdl hardware and u have to wirte a asm code to control the processor.
I haven't worked on CPLD but I did work on Spartan3 fpga about a year ago. I tried to use verilog HDL to make a simple sine calculator. I used the sine approximation formula (attached in image) to find out the sine of an angle being given by the user. But I fell into a number of problems regarding the variable type 'real' in verilog. (...)
i would like to develop my own proto board. As Mrflibble points out in the link he provided, it can be quite challenging with only limited results. I would recommend regularly running searches on eBay for your preferred fpga and development board. I have purchased numerous fpga development boards on eBay at ver
Hello, I am a MS student in Electrical Engineering. I just had the opportunity to explore fpga in one of my classes. I also learned some VHDL for using the XIlinx Spartan 3E fpga. I want to learn more about it by experimenting and doing more projects and stuff. Can anybody help me with suggesting fpga begineers level (...)
hi frds kindly send me the VHDL code for implementing a CAN on an fpga.send the code to my mail
even i need one..something related to may be rs-232 or uart..or basically any fpga based verilog-coded project.. whr can i find one?
Is there anyone out there who has worked with IP-Core or ZPU Processor(from ) or any soft-core processor?? I need to implement a ZPU Processor in fpga Cyclone.Then i should make a simple programm for the zpu processor in order to show its simple implementation to my professor. Thx
My boss gave me a job is to design a SDRAM controller. The SDRAM is produced by the Hitachi and the model is " hm5216165". I already design it according to the datasheet . However, I encountered a big problem. I can use the mode of "single write/single read",but when I ues the mode of "Burst write/Burst read" ,the problem will occure. T
ASA to all im intrested in design some project based on fpga any body in khi pak who teach pls contect
Dear all, I have uploaded an entire H.264/AVC baseline decoder core to opencores website. All the source codes (verilog), specifications, and test materials are completed. This core has been both fpga and ASIC verified. Please feel free to download.
i need verilog code for any of the following projects...plx share... 1. Linear Predictive Codes 2. fpga Based PLL 3. Digital Oscilloscope On fpga 4. Implement a Processor (DLX, MIPS, RISC) In verilog HDL (16-Bit Processor, 8 Registers) 5. Accumulator Based Architecture Processor 6. Implementation of (...)
Hi, I'm Looking for fpga JOB in malaysia. I'm a fpga programmer with 5+years experiment and a lot of projects that all have done successfully. I know verilog and VHDL. Feel free to contact me at zerox100 (at)
Hi, I'm Looking for fpga JOB in malaysia. I'm a fpga programmer with 5+years experiment and a lot of projects that all have done successfully. I know verilog and VHDL. Feel free to contact me at zerox100 (at)