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This weekend pattern. How stable is it? 10%?1%? 0.1% 0.4h cycle = 24 minutes? What else changes at this rate ? Is there any harmonic relationship with 50Hz line and ADC frame rate? or room thermostat? I suggest you list all sources of error and isolate them then eliminate them. The socket must be a big source of (...)
hi SIM 800 while sending the sms of size 120 characters get error response when recipients. are more than 5. I have provided delay of 1 Second between 2 messages. i am using 19200 buad rate , 8-N-1 frame format. sending single messages works well. what is the standard delay to be specified while sending between SMS's (...)
Hello All, The code for ASK-4 is as follows: N = 8; % The number of bits to send - frame Length bit_stream = round(rand(1,N)) % Random bit stream A1 = 3; % Amplitude for 0 bit A2 = 5; % Amplitude for 1 bit f = 3; % Frequency of Modulating Signal fs = 100; % Sampling rate t = 0:1/fs:1; % Time for 1 bit % This time variable is just for p
This is a standard procedure to get the all-channel radiated sensitivity, using as a reference a quiet channel (Reference Channel). I don't know what wireless system is about, but I would prefer when doing radiated sensitivity to use BER (bit error rate) instead FER (frame error rate). BER is direct related (...)
How to calculate FER based on the RSSI or SNR values ?
Quoted from some lecture notes: A channel with a BER of 10-7 and a average burst size of1000 bits is very different from one with independent random errors ? Example: For an average frame length of 10^4 bits ? random channel: E ~ 10^-3 ? burst channel: E ~ 10^-6 Why burst channel has a lower frame Erro
wat is d/f b/w Packet error rate & frame error rate? and wat is impact of PER & FER on network....plz detail answer required
frame error rate (FER) has almost the same meaning as BER...but....the error rate calculation is between frame and not other words, let say, you transmit 100 frames ....and out of them....only 3 frames having FER is (...)
Hi.. Can somebody explain me how to calculate or define the BER and frame error rate (FER) requirement for given application ?
I think that is frame error rate
I want matlab code file (m file) that simulate Link Level simulation indiferent modulation (QPSK,8PSK,16QAM, 64QAM) and diferent codes (1/2,1/3,1/4) using turbo code to get frame error rate or BER.
I need matlab code to calculate curves between Ioc/Ior(dB) and frame error rate (FER) for different modulation & coding scheme(MCS).
I want simulation(matlab m file) of link level simulation for single AWGN channel,or frame error rate curves versus power density for sinkle code AWGN channel