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This weekend pattern. How stable is it? 10%?1%? 0.1% 0.4h cycle = 24 minutes? What else changes at this rate ? Is there any harmonic relationship with 50Hz line and ADC frame rate? or room thermostat? I suggest you list all sources of error and isolate them then eliminate them. The socket must be a big source of error and you need guard (...)
FER captures the number of error in (N-symbol) frames, while SER captures the number of errors in (K-bit) symbols.
Whenever a node face an error it sends an error frame and according to the TEC and REC value of the node it sends the active or passive error or busoff. My question is suppose a node (Tx) finds a error as BIT error in the DATA field, then the error frame (...)
I am doing CAN communication using mcp2515, transceiver pca82c250 & mcu at89s8252. I want to know when the error frame will be generated when a node is transmitting a message, if there occur an error in control field or data field or crc field. Whether the error frame generated after the complete (...)
I see that there is some data loss. This happens randomly and I cannot really find a proper sequence for the same. You should enclose the data pack within a protocol frame having a sequential number, so that you could determine exactly the ID for the lost packs, The glanularity of the pack would depend on the
hi SIM 800 while sending the sms of size 120 characters get error response when recipients. are more than 5. I have provided delay of 1 Second between 2 messages. i am using 19200 buad rate , 8-N-1 frame format. sending single messages works well. what is the standard delay to be specified while sending between SMS's of lengt
Hi, what do you mean with: "but it is not responding for 2nd bit frame "? Please give a detailed error description. Kaus
Hello there, When i am try to use array of char after compilation it gives me error,"stack frame too large. i am declare it in function, so i used static rom unsigned char compiled successfully:smile: But when i debug it i come to know the value of static rom..... not passed correctly to unsigned char array.:bang: Any help? compilation is
don't forget also, to treat error flags inside receive interupt , wich can block the flow of data.. especially with PIC18F frame eror and Overrun error ..
CRC is calculated on both side.first transmitter send data with CRC in frame and receiver is match by calculating CRC at their end. if not matched then CRC error is genrated.
yes i have to check bit by bit but can you please expalin about error frame and overload frame , how to differentiate them....
% No.of Carriers: 512 % coding used: Convolutional coding % Single frame size: 768 bits % Total no. of frames: 800 % Modulation: 128-QAM % No. of Pilots: 32 % Cylic Extension: 25%(16) close all clear all clc %% % Generating and coding data t_data=randint(80000,1)'; x=1; si=1; %for BER rows %% for d=1:800; data=t_data(x:
In a CAN frame if two nodes try to transmit at a same time, the arbitration occurs and then one node will gain the arbitration with highest priority. My question is the node which is lost the arbitration ,there must be an error occurs by that node. Please tell if there is an error then which error and if there is (...)
hello temp= UART_Read(RCREG); UART_Read don't need RCREG as parameter ! it' return RCREG and UART_Read is allready waiting for RCIF==1 so use direct test so while(1) { temp=UART_READ(); .. etc .... at the end of tests clear flags frame FERR and OVER
In the standard data frame the End Of frame(EOF) and IFS(inter frame space) have the fixed format with 1. If the last bit of the EOF is 0 then Overload frame starts. My question is if last bit of the EOF is 0 then form error occurs but it must be ignored..why?
hi , i have a doubt regrading can communication.....during IFS(interframe space) if an illigal bit is detected then what frame will will be generated an OVERLOAD frame or an error frame (for form error).....because a as per the can document IFS is of fix format so form error (...)
Hello All, The code for ASK-4 is as follows: N = 8; % The number of bits to send - frame Length bit_stream = round(rand(1,N)) % Random bit stream A1 = 3; % Amplitude for 0 bit A2 = 5; % Amplitude for 1 bit f = 3; % Frequency of Modulating Signal fs = 100; % Sampling rate t = 0:1/fs:1; % Time for 1 bit % This time variable is just for p
hello, Why are you using while (BusyUSART()); into the interrupt treatment, because concerne Transmit caracatere ? and why do you also set cUART_data_flg = 1; when you get frame error or Overload ? it could be reset cUART_data_flg = 0; did you also try with High level interrupt level 0x08 ? even at 4MHz for Fosc, this must be OK a
Khiri, Just send an I2C stop byte. I donīt know what compiler you are using, and even if I2C handshake are you performing by compiler API or manual handling. If this case, I could sugest you to pack data into a frame, with a CRC, in order to detect if where detected some errors. +++
Hi all,.. i want to create a speech recognition program that use MFCC. I have a problem to plot the frame blocking result. I use MATLAB. this is the coding i use to frame blocking. m=100; n=256; l = length('waka.wav'); nbframe = floor(((l - n) / m) + 1); for i = 1:n for j = 1:nbframe M(i, j) = s(((j - 1) * m) + i); (...)