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EasyEDA is a cloud-based EDA tool suite which supports open source and working collaboratively. Tools from EasyEDA include circuit simulation using spice, PCB design, electronic circuit design and now RS-274X (Gerber) and Excellon gerber viewer, all are free. To use this viewer you need to upload your gerber files
Anyway, you can use some free spice-based simulator tool that runs in Android. Wespice sounds an interesting choice.
Name some free version spice tools which supports Stanford library files. I am currently using Hspice from Synopsis.
Hi, You can find simulation model for LTspice, just google it. LTspice is a nice free simulation total for spice simulations. I do not know if there is a model for multisim or not.
If the models are available they're likely to be compatible with the free LTspice.
I see there are many spice type simulators out there now, I know of ngspice, gnuCAP (formerly ACS?) and several more I forget the names of. What I am after specifically, is to get some license free compute leverage. I have one seat of Silvaco design tools, the Smartspice license is limiting my crunch power. I'd like to (...)
Please give me the link where can I get free student version hspice software. Thanks in advance.
How to design the following unusual clock dividers and plot the timing diagrams using Cadence or spice tool? 1 A glitch free odd integer clock divider with 50% duty cycle. 2 A glitch free non-integer clock divider with 50% duty cycle. 3 A glitch free non-integer clock divider without 50% duty cycle. Please help!
LTspice is recommended by several at this forum. It's free. It supports many IC's made by Linear Technology. Falstad's simulator is not spice family, but it's free and easy to use. Its IC's are basic types... logic gates, op amps, PLL, 555, 4017, flip flops.
Hi All, I'm looking for free ASIC design tools. Not for Layout. Just Schematic capture at transistor level, able to create hierarchical symbols and user defined library. And also able to generate spice netlist. Thanks for help.
Hi all, I want free analog layout and physical verification tool..please anybody have or know about this send me the link and also send me...Thanks
Hi, I am wondering how to find spice model of the devices which I would like to include in my Schematic. Are they free available on the website of manufacturer ? What is the file extension of such files ?
You can draw circuits with any of a whole bunch of tools. Your choice probably depends on where you want to go from there. If you want to do circuit design and optimization with a spice simulator, LTspice can't be beat (especially for the price of free). But you'll have to change horses, to go to PCB layout. If you are just transcribing a (...)
Please notice that edaboard rules don't allow posting of or request for copyrighted material. Most tanner libraries are in fact copyrighted and can't be shared legally. There are however free libraries for educational purposes. See e.g.
Hello everyone, I would like to ask if you could recommend a good free spice simulator. Since I am not into design but more into devices i do not need support of a lot of number of elements but I am more interested in model parameters and post processing of data. For example gm/gain calculation parameter extraction etc. Thanks in advance
Not sure I understand your question. If you want to simulate an analog circuit you put the circuit into a spice simulator such as the free program LTspice from Linear Technology.
Hi, For quite some time I've been searching for a free but good enough schematic editor for analog IC design. What I found were usually for pcb design with discrete components (like LT spice for example). Can anyone share what kind of free but good schematic editor they use or know? Thanks.
I doubt you will find the information. Software manufacturers won't say how many copies they sell as it may be useful to competitors. An estimate could be made from some sort of survey but whoever does such a survey would not supply the results for free and the information is unlikely to be accurate. Keith
That would depend a lot on your personal values. Cost? Speed? Accuracy? Availability of decent models for the parts you want to use? LTspice wins on many of these, provided you are using one of the controllers for which it has the behavioral models - you can get real fast solutions, if so. Otherwise it's just another free spice with a (...)
You can use this simulator ... its free LTspice IV is a high performance spice simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. Our enhancements to spice have made simulating switching regulators extremely fast compared to normal (...)