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Hi, I'm trying to implement sleep mode withing MQX on a freescale MCF5225x chip. I've been searching for a while and could not find anything useful. I find it hard to believe that nobody is putting these controllers to sleep in their applications, so I'm not sure what I'm missing. There doesn't seem to be much support in MQX for using low p
Here are some good starting point for You: How to Design Battery Charger applications that Require External Microcontrollers and Related System-Level Issues - Maxim NiMH Battery Charger Reference Design Product
The MC13212 System in Package (SiP) integrates the MC9S08GT MCU with the MC1320x transceiver into a single 9x9mm LGA package. The MC13212 provides 32 K Flash memory and 2 K of RAM, providing an ideal platform for applications that require a star network using the freescale SMAC or IEEE 802015.4 Compliant PHY/MAC.
Anyone know of any good sites to help with this sort of DSP? (freescale, and TI)
Is ther any specific UWB protocol? I heard that IEEE has canceled the proposition of IEEE 802.15.3a, which was originally designated for UWB. Maybe there are some emulation device for MB-OFDM UWB such as freescale, who has announced some news about UWB.
Here is article about Power Line Modem applications.