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Have you considered the scenario of lowering the 48 MHz sampling frequency? Let the FPGA input be 48MHz but use a PLL inside to obtain a lower freq which you might want to use as sampling frequency.
You can plot magnitude characteristics easiliy by gnuplot. Here x=omega/fsample=2*pi*freq/fsample, fsample=sampling frequency j = {0.0, 1.0} h0 = 0.021 h1 = 0.096 h2 = 0.146 h3 = 0.096 h4 = 0.021 set xrange plot abs(h0+h1*exp(-j*x)+h2*exp(-2*j*x)+h3*exp(-3*j*x)+h4*exp(-4*j*x)) This FIR filter is simple Lowpass ty
hi all i want to detect frequency between 140k and 145k.for example when signal is 140k turn on led1 and when its 141k turn on led2
Without knowing details of Matlab command, different frequency results for different Fs would happen if your sampling freq was a sub-frequency of the sampled one. I.e. when you do sub-sampling and the aliased component only is output. Is your example case a real case or hypothetical ? I cannot work out (...)
Say I have a sensor that generates a signal of freq 30Hz and now when I sample this at 100Hz, which is above the 2fa; The Nyquist criteria is satisfied. But the output of the sampler has lot of frequencies right i.e., 30Hz, 100-30=70, 100+30=130, 200-30=170, 230.... Now if I dont do any digital domain low pass filtering on the output of ADC to
Hi, This probably a basic question about the relation between bandwidth and sampling time. I understood the following terms. sampling time: Time between two consecutive samples while sampling a signal periodically sampling frequency: Reciprocal of sampling time I am using a (...)
Very surely, the problem hasn't to do with Nyquist theorem. But it's not clear what "sampling a low clock freq" exactly means for you. Can you show a timing diagram of the expected behaviour? In the general case, we would assume that both clocks are unrelated and don't necessarily have an exact integer frequency ratio, so the clock edges (...)
hello every one , I m doning a project over ADC , in some intel report i read that for UWB receiver arhitecture atleast we want 528 MSPS 4 bit ADC for m-ary OFDM technique,inspite of the input frequency being in range of GHz ,how does OFDM technique works for so less sampling freq.
See the amplitude its 10^-13 which you can assume to zero. Its negligible. What do you mean by rerun. - - - Updated - - - Have a look at this This Script file Plots the Sine Wave with respect to time %The red text are comment
Hai We are using frequency modulation since we are private FM radio station with freq 91.9MHZ regards Aneesh
1. In order to resuce the time of polling all 256 signal lines a) you increase the sampling frequency to check high request on lines. ... if samp. freq > (present clk freq)* 256, then you can sample all signals in less than one clk cycle of your present clk. One more advantage of using higher clk for (...)
Hello guys, I have implemented an ideal ADC+DAC converter and I did an FFT analysis. I did a test with coherent sampling with rectangular window and everything was ok. Input freq. 1,376...MHz, 500mV, sinewave and a starting phase of -90?. That gave Me 7,96bits (8bits ideal). Then I changed the phase to -60? and rectangular window and gave me
Hello, I would like to start a new project, my idea is this: an acquisition system based on pic, maybe pic32 but not necessarily, sampling freq. 100kHz, 24 bit, streaming data to tcp/ip client. Number of channels: as much as possible compatible with bandwith. Few years ago I made a pic32 based board that performs a playback of a wav file from a S
sir this is our program to display adc_ppm value on LCD using ATMEGA32 microcontroller we are facing problem in displaying converted value the result is in symbol form not in any value plz help me out as soon as possible #include #define F_CPU 8000000 #include #define LCD_DATA PORTC // LCD data port #define
I have developed a simple costas loop for BPSK demodulation. It is working fine for 8Mbps data rate BPSK. The overall sampling freq is 125 MHZ. Inside the loop, the corresponding FIR and loop filters are running at 25 MHz. The lock range achieving is +100 KHz to -100 KHz of centre 30 Mhz. Now, I am updated the same for QPSK demodulation. The up
Hi, if anybody know resamplin algorithm mean help me sampling is used to take sample of analog varying quantity. like sine wave.. To get the approximated shape. Two times sampling is required then that of freq of wave to be sampled. As the Nyqueist 3rd rule. There are many sampling algorith
Hi I found that the open loop gain of the SC CMFB opamp is sampling frequency dependent, I use PSS+PAC analysis, it drops when sampling frequency increases, same opamp configuration with SC-CMFB, the gain drops to 69dB at fs=5MHz. the DC gain is 75dB when fs=1MHz , with continuous time CMFB is 77dB. any idea? thanks
Hi, I am trying to use the FFT library in mikroC to calculate the frequency of input signal. The code gets complied but I am getting wrong and random results. The calculated freq does not match the input simulated sine wave. Following are the details of my code - sampling freq = 1KHz Signed Fractional Data Output from (...)
a single bit conversion is referred as TAD if you have 8us for TAD you need at least 12 TADs per conversion so your complete conversion time is 96us which gives you 10.4kHz samplling freq... it hardly gives you to convert a 5kHz signal.... by nyquist if you want to read a 60kHz signal you need MORE than 120khz as sampling frequency.
Given a TDM system with 4 channels, say 4 signals (bandlimited) to fm1, fm2, fm3, fm4 are muxed and transmitted, using a sampling duration of 1/fs (i.e., within each Ts, samples of all the 4 signals are transmitted). What is the sampling rate for each signal?? Will it be fs*4???