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How much loop inductance and capacitance on the driver? on the load? What resonant frequency? Have you tried near field probe loop ( few cm) to scope to look for emissions? If you dont have one a short ground clip to tip of a scope probe will work to track a current loop radiating with crosstalk. Then use twisted pair if necessary for long tra
Hi All, I have designed PLL for 6GHz, which is perfectly locking. The question is, when i give "freq" function in cadence simulator calculator for the output frequency it gives the frequency curve over the transient time.(say 0 to 20us). when i see this curve, the frequency is 6G only but it has some +/- variation centered around 6G. The (...)
Did you observe the waveform across a resistor in series with the capacitor? In that case the capacitor acts as a high-pass filter. High frequency noise would show up. I can see a lot of hash just by touching the probe clip. The waveform resembles a rocky mountain, instead of a 60 Hz sine wave. An inductor acts as a low-pass filter. A resistor i
At that frequency it could also be an unterminated coaxial cable or other transmission line mismatch in the hookup. Thanks ... but if we zoom the peak ... we find some waves (ringing effect) ... wats the reason behind this ?
Hi All, I am looking for really small ac to dc converter(would be really good if its made using cmos process) that can operate at 13-19 Mhz and can provide output voltage of 2.8 volt. I need this type of converter as i am working on wireless energy transfer using inductive coupling, any help is appreciated. Thanks
I want plot oscillation frequency vs time in cadence ,but i don't have the use "freq" function in calculator ? I only have "frequency" function. my cadence can anyone help ?
The 55KHz is the switching frequency of the internal circuit of power supply. The DC output will be filtered and will be DC, ie:0Hz.
Doesnt the freq command in the calculator do the job for you? It plots the running frequency. Or else if you want to take the fft, use the dft function (fft is just an algorithm to do dft) and indicate the window over which you need the dft to be done. Or run a pss sim to get a very accurate spectrum.
hello in ocean, i would like to check more than one condition in an if statement , is this true: if((Vo==1 && Mo==1.2 && Io==1.2 && Lo==1.2) then fmin=frequency(clip(VT("/net3") 8e-09 1.2e-8 ))) ?