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Hi, for a more precise noise analysis you need to take 1/f corner frequency of the noise density into account. Then the AD620 is the worst for your low frequency range. (I assume you have high impedance input, so the current noise dominates) **** Read through Linear Technology "Design Note 15": Klaus
there are too many types of motors to generalize, you are comparing, but certainly VFD's cost more with variable frequency drive and you get controlled high torque at a wide range of synchronous speeds without gear reduction. Cheaper motors may not have servo speed control, but may have variable speed depending on load.
I'm new here, I have some fairly basic doubt. I am creating a PWM signal in MatLab by comparing a sine wave (50Hz) and a triangular wave (2kHz) .... 1- So what is the PWM frequency will output? 2- After getting the PWM signal filters I want to get a sinusoid, using an LC filter, but do not know what the frequency of cut should I use? (...)
How can i change the frequency of arfuino i wanna generate and compare triangle and sine wave with different frequency
While comparing my calculations of stability circles i compared it to Smith v3.10 program and found one problem: 118692 i am using NE3210S01v1_2-18_2_10.S2P file as data source. Problems occur at frequency of 7.5GHz, where output stability circle (instable outside) overlaps reflection=1 circle in much bigger area in my cas
Excuse me, Greetings all sorry, I want to ask about how to create a script in matlab to make waves and wave spectrum frequency harmonics. I want to analyze the transformer 150/20 kV 50 Hz with matlab. I am working on a thesis on the analysis of transformer harmonics, I would like analysis comparing the measurement results with simulation mat
The transition frequency is basically the highest frequency that a transistor can operate with unity gain, ie with amplification capabilities. If you cannot amplify, you are better off using a resistor divider. And since we are talking about highest frequency, we can start comparing between different processes.
The current filter I use is from the Xilinx app note on dc offset removal. However, it adds a noticeable phase shift to my signal of 9 degrees at the highest frequency, and around 40 degrees at the lowest. I am comparing this signal with a square wave and the phase is very important. I am sampling around 100 MHz and the signal is anywhere from 10 t
pipeline is able to use only one clock signal (phi) comparing to NORA and Zipper which need two clock signals (phi and phi-invert), so the clock skew problem is mush less and dynamic pipeline circuits are able to work with high frequency clock signals.
how to generate the sinewave pwm using compare mode in ccp for ccs compiler.. please help me :-D You want to generate SPWM by comparing sinusoidal and triangular wave. But, triangular wave at frequency 1kHz is high that PIC speed can't generate using DAC
Hi mayyur, CCP stands for capture/compare/pulse width modulation. It is used for capturing input pulses, comparing output pulses, or for PWM (the most common application is PWM). This is an example for PWM: program PWM_16F877A 'PWM with PIC16F877A 'frequency of PWM: 5kHz 'Duty Cycle: 50% 'Language: BASIC 'Compiler: mikroBASIC PRO for P
I think the frequency of your oscillator is drifting.
i am having a prob in designing a induction heating coil.. if resonance frequency is 30 khz n igbt switching is 1.5Mhz... how to design a gata driver circuit comparing output resonance current with input current if its having both inductance and capacitance load.... plz reply..
Could you try to repair your question? what causes the phase jump of S11 from -180 to -180 at the resonant frequency There is no jump from -180 to -180. (Even if you meant -180 to +180 there is no jump). In experiment, the jump is less than 180. Do you mean you are comparing an experiment with some theoret
Has anyone spent time recently comparing the broadband s-parameter frequency sweep interpolation engines of 3D EM simulators like HFSS and CST? I am trying to simulate a 15th order LPF implemented using coaxial elements. Due to the construction and design, the filter is very high Q. However, I am finding that CST is having a really hard time
You will need more time to charge- exactly what is needed to decrease frequency. Dependence isn't fully linear, so some power fluctuations could be.
wireless man PSS is a time domain simulation (it depends on the version and on simulation mode you choose, but classical PSS is based on shootin method), while touchstone data are in frequency domain. So Cadence software has to convert this data from freq domain and let me suggest to check the model it creates by comparing with ofiginal one.
At low frequency, inductance becomes very big and expensive, and low Q sometimes. But 1 MHz is still good for LC filter design, though it's much more expensive than RC filters.
Signal generator and Oscilloscopes are not ideal mesaurment equipments. They also have drift behaviours due to internal references.. frequency comparing of two signals is easily done double channel counters instead of scopes or SA..
Max frequency should be based on your timing budget and should be reasonable based on the rest of the design.