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You should know how you are controlling the stepper motor differently in both modes. We can't. A possible reason for device overheating might be an inappropriate high PWM frequency in combination with a high MOSFET gate capacitance.
I used a triac in my homebrew fan speed control. The fan was a 'squirrel cage' type (mounted on a wood stove). The type is important. As I understand it, most fans cannot be speed-controlled by a triac, with their rpm dependent on the frequency of the AC supply. If you simply limit power (as with a triac), the normal fan tries to spin at full freq
I am new to 555 timers and circuit design. I am trying to figure out a way to control the duty cycle and frequency. I need a controllable frequency from 15kHz to 60kHz and to be able to adjust the duty cycle for motor speed control. Is this possible?
A direct drive turntable, in days of yore, was a very specialized motor. Your stepper 7.5 degrees is probably so "notchy" that you will have audible flutter ("wow" and "flutter" being specs of interest to audiophiles, as much as raw frequency response of the pickup). A belt drive setup was always superior even after decades of motor engineering,
hi guys, i would require to control a 3 phase PWM signal using dsp from ti, f28335. i would like to bulid a circuit that could control the duty cycle. meaning to put a potentiometer in its analog control a0 to vary the reference voltage to output the frequency. by controlling the reference voltage. the output duty cycle will change hence the
Hello, I'm trying to control the AD9833 waveform generator circuit with the STM32F4 board via SPI. I've written the code below. I'm able to generate the desired waveforms for the signal but I can't change the frequency or the phase. Can you tell me what is wrong with the code and how can it be fixed. I also think that there might be a problem about
This field has a lot of topics to get familiar with. A partial list: * How to send and receive radio broadcasts * How frequency bands are allocated for radio-control usage * Legal regulations (public, private, commercial) * Coping with interference and reliability problems * How to send several command signals on one frequency * How to distribute
The servo expects a pulse period of about 20 ms (50 Hz pulse frequency). You have > 320 ms, far to slow. Depending on the servo type, it will either work with low servo gain (analog controller) or might stop completely (digital controller). Delete the 300 ms delay and reduce the loop increment respectively.
Hello, I am curious about something. Recently I bought a small bipolar stepper motor and a driver that supports microstepping. This driver has 4 outputs (2 outputs and 2 inputs actually) that can be directly connected to a bipolar stepper. It can also take digital input via simple IO pins - three of them are used to configure microstepping, one
How can i control the output frequency of three phase inverter using a microncontroller ? I have heard that pwm is used for controlling the output ? The output of inverter can be simple square wave for simplicity purposes . Describe any procedure or share any helpful notes , i would be thankful :)
You need frequency synchronization and a feedback loop controlling the output voltage according to the Iload respectively Pload setpoint. Also protection circuits watching safety limits for output current and output voltage.
In a first order, noise denisity in .TRANNOISE is equal to frequency domain .NOISE analysis, determined by the basic component properties, e.g. resistor noise.
Hello, A few months ago I posted a question about controlling the intensity of a car headlight from a microcontroller. I ended up using a PWM signal from a microcontroller to turn on/off an N-channel MOSFET, as shown in this circuit: It ended up working great.. except for one major problem. I was planning
Hello every body,can somebody please help me to generate the SPWM signal at high frequency (28KHz) which I have to use for controlling an H-Bridge made up by MOSFET in DC-AC Converters. I read Tahmid's blog but the frequency of the signals Which I am generating are making the MOSFET very hot because I replaced the board which was used (...)
For controlling frequency, for example reverse voltage 0..12v. How much current that source must capable of to drive varactor properly?
Some one tell me how is frequency determined here in the above circuit
I wonder how you "pick up ultrasonic frequency on the water with an oscilloscope"? Most likely there's some ultrasonic power transmitted. The real problem is about impedance matching, and it can't be checked this way. When 60 W transducers are connected to a 3 kW generator without measuring and controlling delivered power and maximum AC volta
This is my code to control Motor by using SONY tv remote control. Since I am using two dc motors I can turn it left or right. Hope this might be useful for you. Use pic 16f877a at 4MHZ frequency. /*Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path-- psalms 119:105 Remote Ir Decode + Motor control Code */ sbit LCD_RS at
Hi all.... i have completed my project to send and receive messages between Mobile LG "GW300" and Pic16f877 using UART for controlling two relays. I used frequency of 8MHZ and baud rate 9600 using the program MikroC Pro. I faced big problem with my code which`s attached below. I can`t read the message, there is no action happens when i received th
You are changing the width (the duration) of the pulse on-time. Let's say you have a signal with frequency of 50Hz, upon which you will carry out PWM. Then time period is 20ms. If you provide power to the motor for 15ms and keep power off for 5ms, you are controlling the power to the motor and restricting it to (15/20)*100% = 75%. The longer the pu