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Dear sir/madam, I am working in implementation of chirp slope keying modulation and demodulation in MATLAB. Simulations that I completed are: 1. Chirp signal(up and down chirp) generation completed 2. Linear frequency modulation/chirp signal simulated 3. Random data generation completed 4. finally, i need
Single Side Band (SSB) modulation by phase shift method and synchronous demodulation with phase and frequency deviations (offset errors). 103370
Hello, I have written a matlab code for fsk using bandpass filter but I m not getting correct code is as follows: clc; close all; clear all; no_of_bits=1000; M=100; no_of_samples=5000; threshold = 0.5; snr=; Tb = 1; % Bit duration fc = 3/Tb; % Carrier frequency t1=linspace(0, 1, no_of_samples); f1=cos(2*pi*1000*t1);
what is cpfsk fsk frequency shift kaying cp ?
i have made this after all by myself ... some help from some respectful source.... here it is ... %Single SideBand Modulation %By Naveed Ahmad Chughtai N = 1024; fs = 2048; ts = 1/fs; %t = (0:ts:1); t=(0:N-1)/fs; fc = 600; %Carrier frequency !! Limit fc<800 to avoid freqdomain aliasing fm1 = 200; Em1 = 1; m = Em1*cos(2*pi*fm1*t);
Hello everyone!!! I have a problem. I would like to perform phase demodulation using PLL. I have some matlab code that do that in the case of FM. Here is the code: %This m-file demonstrates a PLL which tracks and demodulates an FM carrier. clear all; close all; f=1000;%Carrier frequency fs=100000;%Sample (...)
Hi, I have a matlab code here it acquires FM modulated signal from sound card can perform FM demodulation however, i don't why it set vcok (VCO K constant) at 0.176 anyone can explain to me how and why it is set to 0.176? Fc = 2144; %select VCO carrier frequency vcok = 0.176; %select vco constant Fs = 40000; %select sound (...)
i need matlab code for filter in fm demodulation. the basic problem is dat i could find codes but nowhere they were using the modulated signal foer filteration. they just took the specifications as sampling rate and cutoff frequency etc. but as is the case we have to pass the I and Q componens of the signal through the (...)
please can any one help me by providing matlab code for frequency demodualtion using phase locked loop
this type of code is hard to find, because the code generally is proprietary. Does any one have a working Verilog code/ algorithm for envelope detection, phase discriminator and/or frequency discriminator? I already have a working code for demodulation of ASK and FSK but i dont think (...)
hi everybidy, i have simulated a code in matlab for the demodulation of ofdm signal (dab). In the synchronisation process, i found the clock offset of 13.035 khz in the spectrum after downconversion. i used a nco to remove the frequency offset. Now when i differentially decode the symbols, i get 5th and 6th symbols (...)
Hi Somia, I tested your signal, it had a small bug. sampling frequency to symbol rate ratio must be integer. e.g. if you want to keep sampling frequency in 8000 you can specify 8000/6 = 1333 or 8000/5 = 1600 to symbol rate. Hope these helps. Regards.