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hi i am finding a text that describe model mosfet and capacitance in it ,that uses in pspice? where i can find?it should be documentary, a sample of model a mosfet. 121845 capacitance of mosfet 121846 i am searching help and usermanual orcad ,pspice i heared that in level 1,2,3 the models ch
Someone else asked the same sort of question some time ago on the eda forums, when his simulations with Sonnet showed an increasing capacitance with frequency, and he did not know why. Someone posted a PDF for him to read
Hi May I know how frequent eda software update release generally? Once a year? Twice yearly etc? Altium, cadence, MG, zuken, etc. Tq!
hi guys, I am going to make a speech to text conversion am not asking for code but am asking for how to uniquely identify each letter (do i make this in frequency domain or in time domain or both) how to have immunity against noise and how does different persons sound pitches effect the signal and how to resist that. note ---> am going to u
Good day eda fellows, I badly needed your help regarding this one. Below is the capacitive-reset gain This is also the frequency response of my op-amp. http:/
Good day eda fellows, The CDS technique appeared at Chapter 10 Section 7 of the Johns and Martin,page 433. To quote the book, "A wide band amplifier that uses CDS, similar to the SC amplifier of Fig.10.31, but with superior high frequency operation, is shown in Fig. 10.34. During phi(Greek character)2, C(prime)1 and C(prime)2 are used to have
Dear all, I'm new to this forum and also in the veriloga module design. I'm trying to design a veriloga module in which I have to impose a simple Vin/Vout behavior, and I need to impose the frequency dependence in the law. I made something like this: module my_device(in,out); input in; output out; voltage in,out; parameter
Hello is there an existing solution manual for this book ? Radio-frequency and Microwave Communication Circuits: Analysis and Design Devendra K. Misra Thanks
Isolation spacing is the distance needed to assure there is no contamination from other signals such as digital, on Rf signal. depending on frequency, and power this can range widely. eda
Hello Gurus, I am simulating a circuit and trying to find transfer function from the power supply to the output. My circuit has clocks running at let's say x MHz( only one frequency in the circuit). I setup the PSS where my beat frequency is x MHz and Output Harmonics=5 Now, in PXF setup window there a box for putting number of "side band"
Since conductors are very thin / fine, it may not be an issue. Go calculate the skin depth at your frequency of interest and when it approaches layer thickness (<1um for all but maybe the topmost metal). For aluminum at 1GHz, skin depth is 2.6um (greater than most layer thicknesses).
Hi dere i m want to design a rectenna for 2.45 Ghz using schottky diode can anyone tell which diode will be more suitable for me this frequency
TI is having kind of solutions. You can use a DSP for DC to high frequency AC conversion and then to DC power. The DSP will take care of your PWM.
diversity falls into time, frequency and spatial types. MIMO makes of spatial diversity by space time coding of the transmitted signals and sending it over multiple antennas. there are very good books on the subject. try searching amazon with words, MIMO or space time coding.
I've designed 9.5gHz boards using Altium Designer. I've also designed 20 layer boards with it. In my opinion, the layout tool one of the easiest and most versitile on the market. As a medium priced eda suite, it has shortcomings. The simulator is not sophisticated enough to do high frequency design. You need to use a third party tool such as
does any one here has a link for automatic frequency planning software for gsm ?
According to Joseph R White's "High frequency Techniques", the mismatch loss = 1 - (p)^2 where p is the Return loss. Issit what you want to find?
IO floorplan is new tech for eda vendors. Synopsys has annouced JupitorIO for IO arrangement. If your design is not more timing critical on IO, you can place IO as your experience. Place the specific IO cell near the relation logic. If you have high frequency IO pad, such as DDR or SDR data signals, you can use IO place tools. But personall
I think you have used a fast frequency sweep. Use a discrete, seta up the solve freqeuncy above 40 GHz, solve again. Look at the " HFSS 9.2 book" posted on eda about 2 months ago, there is an diff t-line example Hope this helps :D
good document on A Practical Review of Maximizing Yield in High-frequency Circuits Using eda Tools