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I need to disclose th IIP3, noise figure , input output reflection coefficient and gain versus frequency to caracterize the frequency band allowed to be used. Hence i need to use the tool S6parameter for double balanced mixer differentiel cellule gilbert. I'm so gratefull if you send me a clear tutorial for (...)
You should look for example at your radiation and cross polarization patterns , efficiency, gain, return loss. Make sure all these and other parameter are in spec over your frequency range.
By extracted the channel to S parameter to simulate, but in cadence the simulation time is huge due to the large s parameter file. Anyone knows some idea that we can convert the s parameter to the lumped RCL circuit to run the simulation? In order words, if we know a frequency response the the channel( (...)
Hi, Can anyone help me out with plotting gain Vs frequency for LNA using ADS ,other than with S parameter analysis(S21)
What stability are you concerned about, (DC offset, gain, frequency response, etc.)?
The datasheet for an opamp shows its frequency response and slew rate. The maximum gain of an OP07 opamp at DC to 1Hz is 1 million. At 1kHz its max gain is 1000. At 10kHz its max gain is 100 but the slew rate limits the output to only 8V p-p.
i have some doubts about filter design. 1, for a standard two-order bandpass filter, the transfer function is vout(s)/vin(s)=H0*(W0/Q)*s/(s^2+W0/Q*s+W0^2), with Wo as center frequency, H0 as center frequency gain, Q as quality factor. if it is a three order or four order bpf, then how to calculate the parameter W0, H0, Q? (...)
Hi Everyone, I am new to CST MWS. I simulated a standard gain horn antenna. But in the 'Field Monitor' option, I forgot give the 'far-field parameter' for a particular frequency. Without running the simulation again, Is there any option to get the radiation pattern ??? (To see the far-field pattern (...)
i had already draw the CP slot antenna with HFSS V11, but don't how to simulate it, and what parameter is needed. Please help and teach me how to plot the SWR, axial-ratio, gain bandwidths. the center frequency is 2.45GHz. also the file is uploaded. please help me . thank a lot:oops:55736
I want to plot the gain (dBi) vs frequency (GHz) of an antenna on a 2D graph using: HFSS -> Results -> Create Far Field Report -> Rectangular Plot but have a different trace for each variation of a parameter which was swept using HFSS -> Optimetrics Analysis -> Add Parametric I have used a Discrete frequency swee
You should use the angles that you are interested in. Plot at first a 3d diagram at one frequency to identify the desired angles. If you want the maximum gain, you could use "peak gain" under "antenna parameters". The selected angle doesn't matter for this.
I ran an ac analysis and tried to find the current ratio between drain and gate The current ration between drain and gate? Do you know that the gate current is a parasitic parameter that has nothing to do with gain properties of the device? I was under the impression that the transition frequency is the frequen
Hi, I am doing LNA design in ADS. I want unity current gain frequency. This will get from H21 parameter. I give vdd and bias voltage of .13um transistor and simulate this using S-parameter and DC parameter. I didnt get the valoe because H21 parameter value less than -1db. (...)
You have determined the OP's DC transfer curve. It's slope will in fact give the open loop DC gain. You'll mostly find it specified as a Large Signal Voltage gain among OP DC parameters. Open loop gain as a frequency dependant parameter is determined in an AC measurement and needs an (...)
I am designing high power amplifier of frequency 1-30MHz, since this frequency not lie in microwave range so i need to s-parameter analysis or not?
Hard to believe that you can get more than 2.35 dBi of gain from this kind of antenna using FR4 (I assume the resonant frequency is 6.5GHz)
Hello everyone, Is there a simple automatic variable gain amplifier that I could use to keep the peak-to-peak output voltage constant at the output of a logarithmic amplifier? I'd imagine I could use the logarithmic amplifier output as a parameter in the error voltage signal. Note that the maximum frequency of the output signal is 50 (...)
Hi, If I am building a PLL to lock on to a shifting signal around the range of 160Mhz, I would like to achieve a faster lock time... what is the parameter I can tweak to achieve this? Can I simply increase the frequency resolution? meaning smaller channel BW Thanks regards
Then it must be the KVCO. This parameter usually changes a lot with the output frequency.
parameter pd0910 unit min typ max frequency input range 800M 2500M Hz signal input range -30 +5 dBm input impedance 50 Ω conversion gain ---- ---- ---- dB gain (...)