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Hi I wrote a program for pic in P*R*O*T*O*N I*D*E L*I*T*E basic. It is a gate controll for fireing a SCR. It contains A peak detector using an op-amp and a pic-micro that make a frequency meter and two ADC Now I have (Vm) and frequency of input wave. For example I want to fire the scr in "145 degree (...)
There are a number of simple pic based F meters available on the web google for pic frequency meter one such example Detailed description at
Hello all, I'm searching for a 1Hz to 100Hz frequency meter based on pic16F877 or pic16F84 for measuring Mains frequency. I've already searched for the same but ended with 50Mhz frequency which gives error when measuring lower frequencies of 1 to 100 Hz. Any advice/links will be appreciated.
Looking for a Voltage and Current meter using a pic or AVR and a 1 x 16 LCD with Voltage to frequency converter to convert the real output voltage and current into frequencies that will be informed as Volt and Amp on the LCD. The ranges are 0-30V with 10mV steps and 0-5A with 1mA steps. Regards and a happy new year to all Fernando - (...)
I have made LC meter according to cipo post. Both construction uses the same principle of measurement (LM311 oscillator with tank circuit). The only difference is tank inductance 68uH and 130uH. The capacitor has the same value practically. I fount that error is rising with C value measured. It is about +10% at 2.2uF. It is due to the way it is me
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