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Hi, There are dedicated "energy meter chips". Do you want to use one of them? --> if yes, then read their datasheet and application notes. If you want to use the pic inside ADC: * there are a lot of examples and hobby solutions in the internet. Read through them. * in general you need a fixed and stable sample rate to read both voltage and curre
My brotherz, actually am doing frequency measuring of pulses using ccp modules with pic 16f887+mikroc compiler, after fooling myself arround the code,ultimately, i managed to construct the codez, but there is stil one problem that needs to be rectified, since the results obtained on LCD is not stable, at one time, there is a wrong results,
i want to make a frequency counter using pic16f877a using mikroc pro for pic,, please help
frequency counter with pic microcontroller e.g.
I am trying to build a digital frequency meter ranging from 9 Hz to 999Khz. I am trying to use a set of decade counters interfaced with a 7 segment driver and decoder. Can anybody help me with this idea because i am finding it petty hard to put it to work on a digital circuit.
hello, Just have a look on Texas TSL_235 sensor convert Light to frequency need only a timer
Hi all, I am trying to interface pic16f876a with frequency meter having Modbus RTU protocol (9600, 8, E, 1). I could able to view the frequency data from PC using Modbus Poll software. But it fails to respond when I send it from pic with the same hex codes that is sent by the modbus (...)
hi, my project is to design a digital speed-o-meter. and i m using timer-1 as the frequency counter and timer-2 as the 2sec. delay interrupter for taking a sample. then calculate speed using that counted pulses by the counter. problem is ...both the timers are working perfect individually but when i use both the timers in (...)
just use the motorola frequency divider(prescalar).....mc12028 or similar...... it divides the frequency by 64 ....then it is easy to measure....i do have a home built frequency counter.using pic microcontroller.if you need it msg me.
Hi I wrote a program for pic in P*R*O*T*O*N I*D*E L*I*T*E basic. It is a gate controll for fireing a SCR. It contains A peak detector using an op-amp and a pic-micro that make a frequency meter and two ADC Now I have (Vm) and frequency of input wave. For example I want to fire the scr (...)
Looking for a Voltage and Current meter using a pic or AVR and a 1 x 16 LCD with Voltage to frequency converter to convert the real output voltage and current into frequencies that will be informed as Volt and Amp on the LCD. The ranges are 0-30V with 10mV steps and 0-5A with 1mA steps. Regards and a happy new year to all (...)