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Hi, I am facing problem in finding the input impedance of a unit cell FSS in cst with FSS unit cell template. BY applying unit cell boundary conditions and floquet ports and then simulating with frequency domain solver, I get the S parameters but the input impedance is not calculated. BY simulating simultaneously with floquet ports and waveguide
Dear all, I have linked cst and matlab, but i want to export my results into matlab automatedly like s11 at frequency of interest?? anybody help??
Isn't it obvious that for low frequency power transfer the coils must be very close together or touching each other, have many windings and have an iron core and for high frequencies have a ferrite core? Does a simulation program know anything about that? What is cst (Central Standard Time?) and what is mws (Medium Waxed Shine?).
Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me how to create macro in order to store ASCII files of farfield results for all frequencies in cst mws to read it in matlab so I can create database for all different frequencies and their respective Theta, phi values and realized gain. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
If your pcb only includes the transmission line, you can you waveguide ports. The appropriate dimensions for the ports can be found in the manual. Subsequently, you choose a far-field monitor, either broadband or for a specific frequency.
Dear all, I am trying to simulate a SOI waveguide in cst mws using time domain solver with dimensions of silicon (220 nm thickn and 500 nm wide)on top of silica.I try to simulate it for frequency range(192-200 THZ). 130601 I am not getting the expected result.What should be the boundary conditions and other settings for
do you mean S parameter for frequency? After simulating checkout 1D results if you want field parameters, you'll have to add field monitors then simulate again There are also post processing templates that give many parameters
Dear Members I have already designed and fabricated a 3D conical antenna working at GSM frequency bands (Height = 15 cm). Now in order to reduce the size of the antenna (Height cm in particular), I need to design or shape the cone in the form of Waves (sinusiod or meander in 3D). I would like to know how can I achieve this wavy structure
Hi, How can we use two problem type (high frequency and thermal) simultaneously in cst? I means after simulating high frequency and calculate power losses, now I need to find temperature changes in model. I tried calculate termal losses in the high frequency type post simulation, and used that in the thermal type (...)
Hello Guys, How can i design monopole antenna really Like image below at 900 MHz frequency in cst mws?? 119235 Please anyone can give me tutorial step by step and what are materials need? :-) thank you be4
Hi there, I'm assuming you are using cst mws. You need to go to "open boundaries" settings and check that it is set to center frequency and monitors.
Dear Members, I am desiging a simple rectangular substrate filled waveguide in cst mws using Si Wafer. The dimensions of the wafer are in um and the center frequency is 10 THz. I have selected the optical template in cst. I am getting following error when assigning the relevant thickness of wafer materials i.e. SiO2 (1.5 (...)
Hi All Would somebody be able to help answer the following question: I use here a simple square loop in mws layout window to illustrate the problem. With a port placed in a gap in loop and snapped to corners of structure, I see a imaginary impedance of ~ 180 Ohms @ 2.4 GHz. This corresponds well with a first order approximation of the loop in
Hello everyone I try to simulate Varactor diode inside cst-mws for getting different frequency project is two rectangular FSS with varactor diode between them. My starting point were the attached paper although i follow all their instruction and all their steps but still cant get their result in addition i varied values of capacit
Hi everyone, Can someone tell me the best way to simulate and measure the input impedance of a Schottky diode in cst mws? It's an Avago HSMS-285X and a SkyWorks SMS7630 diode. The frequency range is commercial GSM/WLAN. Thanks,
I am using cst mws 2009, I am trying to run a parameter sweep with a frequency range of 4-10GHz. At the end of each sweep an error appears saying the frequency must be greater than zero, if I click ok the error goes and the sweep continues, until it reaches the end of of that sweep and needs to increment the value of the (...)
Hi, I've set up a pyramidal horn in cst mws 2014 with the following properties: Directivity: ~20dBi Design frequency: 10 GHz Waveguide measurements is standard EIA WR-90 x-band. I've simulated this with a E-field monitor and a farfield monitor and the plots for the farfield has good agreement with what was expected from the (...)
I want to design a nano antenna in cst mws at center frequency of 191 THz or 1500nm. I read that at optical frequencies metal behave like plasmons and the material properties are calculated via Drude Model. I wanted to ask following; 1) What is this Drude model? 2) How can I calculate the material (Au/Ag) properties with Drude model? (...)
Hi Could anyone explain to me the concept and significance of mesh density as a function of steps per wavelength? I am asking this in context of a frequency domain EM-solver - cst mws. May I ask what are the "steps" and what is the "wavelength" ? I am trying to simulate a Photonic Crystal (silicon pillars in vacuum) within a (...)
Dears, I am simulating a kind of coaxial cable at cst mws using TD and need to know losses in metalic walls and dielectric in all simulated band. I can see these losses in 1D Results/Power/Excitation but it is for just 1 frequency, that frequency specified to H monitors. Does someone know how to obtain losses data (in (...)

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