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It should be hard to add a buffer without introducing a pole. However, a zero might be generated to compensation one of high frequency pole.
Hi I have designed capacitive feedback fully differentail ota. I am trying to simulate loop gain and step response of ota. Fig1 shows the test bench used Fig2 shows the loop gain and fig3 shows the step response. I have following questions 1. Why loop gain curve is not flat at the beginning? Theory shows that at low (...)
Hi all, For example I have op-amp specs for a 100MHz 10b pipelined ADC. I found out that ft=600MHz. However my feedback factor β=0.33 (say). During the open-loop ac simulation, do I have to look at the PM @ ft (600MHz) or the closed-loop frequency (ft * β = 200Mhz). This op-amp does not need to be unity-gain stable. I am confused...ple
I don't think there is a special meaning in this. What the authors want to emphasize is that if we consider the inputs connected directly to voltage source with Rs=0 then we don't count the input node as a limiting factor in the frequency response. If Rs is not 0 but finite then of course it will have its effect on the frequency (...)
UGF must be less than 20% of switching frequency. Added after 3 minutes: ota Gain 60dB, Large UGF will get better Line and Load transenit response.
Increase current in your ota, use minimum L, most important make sure no doublet in your frequency response UGF of your booster amplifier < 2nd pole of your total amplifier in closed loop configuration
Hi, all. I just designed a two-stage ota. When I compare with and without compensation resistance, their response were very simliar. Actually, without compensation resistance (even marginally better) response turned out to be better phase margin and gain. (Actually, both responses are the almost identical, but at very (...)
Hi all, How do we configure the test circuit of an ota for frequency response simulation. Is it the same as conventional opamp? What about fully differential ota, how do we simulate for frequency response? Pls suggest me on this! Attached is a pdf file for test circuit of a fully (...)