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Hello everyOne !!! i've a 90degree hybrid coupler implemented as a phase shifter with asnoft designer (circuit simulator) and i need to plot the phase of S21 (at the fixed frequency of 2Ghz) by varing the reactance on the other port (there are 4 port: 1 incident wave, on 2 and 3 there are two reactances with the same value and on the 4th port th
Dear All I want to monitor speed of metal object. I am using electro magnetic method to get speed signal The output waveform is attached. The amplitude varies from +/- 1V to +/- 4V (Peak to Peak) frequency range is 100HZ to 600HZ. I want Low pass filter with level shifter with safe voltage level to interface ADC channel of Microcontroller. Re
Is that possible to achieve frequency shifting without using a mixer and local oscillator? I am not talking about dividing or multiplying, I am talking about actual frequency shifting of an input RF signal to the supposed device.
I want to change the frequency of the carrier by changing the phaseshift. To change the Carrier frequency by 25Hz a. How often the phase shifter values to be changed ? b. What are the phase shifter values c. at what point of time the phase change of the carier will cause the frequency change w.r.t to (...)
Are there any major tradeoffs between using a vector modulator or a VGA+phase shifter in a phased array? I'm thinking frequency of operation, ie, I haven't seen many VGA architectures for >5 GHz. Otherwise, there is no major difference other than the circuits themselves, you either change phase and amplitude via cartesian coordinates or the phase a
Is it possible to use ustrip transmission line as phase shifter at 2.4GHz? Yes. and phase error below 5%. It depends on the bandwidth that you need. For a single frequency, you can design length to give exactly (*) the desired phase shift. I need 8 d
Hello, I know about passive RF signal doublers or harmonic generators, but I was wondering if there is a way to passively shift a receiving signal at a frequency Fo, to Fo+1KHz or so. Thank you
My input clock signal has 3.6V and 1.8V logic and i need to convert this clock to 1.8V and 0V logic. Clock frequency is around 350MHz.
Hi everyone Can anyone com up with a circuit that introduces a phase delay of 180 degrees without altering the amplitude, frequency and duty cycle to an incoming square wave pulse from a function generator. 97211
I don't see you getting a regular CMOS ring to run that fast, but I could see using a CML 8-stage ring with one phase-flip (presumably you would be phase locking and the bias network offers this handle, too) and take the 16 phases off the 8 stages' true and complement horns. Then your challenge becomes getting a level shifter to work at the fundame
Hi I'm new to designing phase shifter. I am thinking of making a reflection phase shifter using varactor diode. Ideally I want a 360 phase shift. I want to know what kind of varactor diode are out there. I am looking for something that are suitable for 1.2ghz frequency, can perform wide phase shift, low cost and tuneability. I have (...)
I think the results u have are appropriate, Provided u r not looking for a wide band power divider. Ur designs results are for particular frequency.. 5GHz is ur center freq or band width ??
A 741 cannot do this alone. It can invert which is almost the same as 180 shift but not any other angle. The trouble with phase shifting is the amount of shift depends on frequency so wideband circuts are difficult to build. The "polyphase" network shown earlier is probably the best you will find. You can use a 741 to produce the anti-phase
what is your frequency, bandwidth, phase error, ...?
What is the frequency range that you require? Are digital (ie. switched with fixed phases) phase shifters ok?
you can do something called a "schiffman" phase shifter, that has a quarterwave coupled line section in one arm, to make the phase shift relatively flat vs frequency. You should be able to get 800 to 1000 MHz with a few degrees of unflatness. You set the length to be quarterwave at 90
Hi, I already made fixed phase shifter but I need to make an (variable) analog phase shifter (0-180) with variable control voltage (0-13V) at 2.45 GHz center frequency using ADS tools. Anyone can give me idea about whole circuit schematic or provide me any made schematic.
The phase noise is a feature of an oscillator. In amplifiers, contribution is by several orders lower. The only remaining thing for you is to define your frequency range- this directs to an opamp to be used. Then its noise can contribute in a defined manner but the phase noise does not. ---------- Post added at 19:59 -----
Do you have a frequency range in mind? Like just audio range (20 - 20,000 Hz) or video frequency range (20 Hz - 6 MHz) or DC/Low freq AC for instrumentation (DC Hz - 400 Hz)? Simple op-amp circuits can provide 'shift' function, although +-20 volts starts to get difficult to do if you really need a wide frequency range. Jim
The cheapest and the most accurate phase shifter used for calibration is a 7474 D-type flip-flop, which provides 90-deg phase shift between its Q outputs. Now they go very high in frequency, but the only issue is that the input frequency is divided by 2 at the output.