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In India Microchip is being used widely. The support is really good and datasheets are user friendly you can find lot of good controllers in dspic 30F series.
This is a simulation-friendly feature where a module can refer to an element of another element within another module. The construct is intended to avoid the need to connect internal signals through many levels of hierarchy. As an example, lets say you have a design with a top level. There are two processing modules called procA, and procB. pro
im a RF circuit designer looking forward to learn IC design. which software is user friendly and also powerful to design almost anything? virtuoso analog design environment or something else?
I understand that it?s bad practice to run a high speed signal over a plane that is interrupted. Assume we have a multi-layer board and the ground plane is solid (covers the entire board with no interruptions. This is a common ground for both digital and analog. Now let?s say half the board is powered from 3.3V (digital), and the other half 5V
I've always liked the AD621 for its simplicity and decent Vio specs, but I've only played with it in automotive data acq type uses. Needs a negative rail, which may not be real friendly to a single output SMPS. Now, I believe I've seen some recent marketing literature for (I think) some Linear Tech controllers which make an attempt to "take out"
Since you are using demo project and the development board from MikroE guys, have you consider emailing them for support? They are quite friendly. I am sure not many here in forum has a board like it, that is why no replies yet. The help you are asking is very general and not related to specific issue in hardware or software which we can only gue
LED is also called light emitting diodes. With the advantages of environmental friendly, efficient, long life time and energy saving, so it is regarded as the fourth generation light source. But the quality of LED lighting product is different, especially the weakness of thermal dispersion that seriously impact the performance of LED.
Heptane - This is a project for a high-performance 9-issue VLIW-like processor, but with out-of-order execution. It will feature a x86_64 binary translation. The translator and firmware will have OSS (LGPL) versions released. Unlike previous attempts at binary translating CPUs, which had only 2 ALU and 2 Load-Store Units, this one has much more. An
I am getting information from DAAD, the best source of Universities I have found. However, database is pretty big, so I would like to know more about a city where is startup friendly to start my search. Thanks a lot.
Alien itself sells Higgs-4 in two package-types: flip-chip and SOT. The former is more compact, however it requires ACP for bonding. The latter is more friendly for prototyping since it can be soldered. You can contact the Alien sales to buy the chips. But note that there is a MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirement for such purchases, usually on
We can achieve 100% coverage, but there are some issues. To achieve 100% coverage, design should be DFT friendly like 100%flops are scan flops and controlled, insert test points in combo logic where our EDA tool are not able to reach etc. But due to limitation of area, power and pins, we are ok with some less coverage.
hello everyone, i want to interfacing the single phase AC motor to friendly ARM.....but before that i will do it on my 51 or avr kit.... i also want to contorl its speed...... can anybody help me for this???? thank you..
If numbers are known, I suggest you create a map inside the FPGA and use indexes to point at maps. In general, FPGAs aren't friendly to floating numbers, you need to avoid them at all costs. You can find floating cores in IPCore of your FPGA IDE (Xilinx, Altera and Lattice have them), but I'd rather avoid it altogether...
The world?s first 3D printing pen with blue LED has come out on Kickstarter. It is more technically secure, convenient and eco-friendly; it can enable you to draw in the air continuously for over 11 minutes; it is thoroughly designed and developed by Future Make Technology. Its name is Polyes Q1, a pen with full imagination and creation. Featu
Is it just me, or did HDL school start again recently? Gentlemen, warm up your trivial google queries and friendly PC answers. Some more standard answers to standard questions in the sticky posts might help. Anyone have some spare time to flush on that? :P
Your local friendly vendor will typically offer IP for that. See for example:
Counterquestion , why do you want to synthesize HDL code without a FPGA target? I think that Quartus (or may be another FPGA vendor tools) is quite user friendly (apart from being free). If you are targetting to synthesizable HDL (e.g. want to check if your homework solution can work), it may be still useful for you.
Raspberry Pi is user friendly than Beaglebone board. I worked on both boards, i felt problem with beaglebone at booting process.......................... so many video tutorials are available on youtube, search it ......................
I am trying to google some simple terminal with aligned fonts, where i can send and get data in HEX format to rs-232 ports. Basically i want to see two windows: tx and rx. But still did not found any friendly. Googled for serial port terminal linux, etc... There must be something!
The data is transferred in multiples of 8-Bit, as required by the SPI specification. The special point is that the 24 bit data is shifted one bit so that the byte boundaries are crossed. That's not particularly user-friendly but can be e.g. handled by copying the data data into a C union and send it byte-wise. Surely easier than programming a non-s