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Same formula applies, however you will have to use the common area between the two plates as A and the spacing as d. No, because a considerable part of the capacitance is contributed by the field above and below the plates, that's what we call the fringing field with a regular plate capacitor. There's no simple formula.
At 150mm x 150mm sheet size and only 0.1mm (!) distance between the plates, the fringings fields should be small. An estimate of the fringing fields is to increase the plate size by 1/2 dielectric height on each size, so that it would change from 150x150 to an effective 150.1 x 150.1 ---------- Post added at 20:51 ------
Hello alexneverhurts, You should get the accurate fringing capacitance values from Sonnet, have you subsectioned the structure properly & entered correct values of Metal, Dielectric layer properties... upload your sonnet project file (*.son), we can suggest you by looking into the model... ---manju---
If it is just one capacitor that you must create, then I think is equivalent. The only concern there is the access resistance. By dividing the capacitor into several smaller ones, you can improve the series resistance and then the bandwidth of the capacitor. Smaller capacitors increase the perimeter/area ratio. (...)
Is MIM scaling capacitor model suitable for small capacitor?At what condition the fringing capacitor is not negligible?
In general, the effects of fringing for parallel plate capacitors can be neglected as long as both the width and height of the capacitor are significantly larger then the plate separation, a condition that is easily achieved here. However, the presence of etch holes contributes additional fringing that will a
This is usally the case - top plate is gate material, and bottom plate is the mosfet tub which is always bigger than the top plate.. You can estimate it simply by using just the area of the gate region, or if you want to get fancy, you can include the fringing capacitance around the periphery of the gate region.
in MLEF the end effect of the open line (fringing capacitor) is taken into account but in MLOC it isn't.