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Hi, FDTD is for time varying field and FEM is for harmonic field (time is frozen). FDTD is rather for CEM for example. FEM work well for antennas. About computer memory, the two simulations are volumic meshes so need huge memory (depend on the structure simulated). Regards
It is winter time now. frozen water (ice) does not fluctuate.
"Yes" the 'comp' pin voltage will be frozen during pwm dimming off cycles?
Hello Edaboard community, The problems began days ago when my DTT (digital terrestrial television) suddenly frozen the television image and remained in this state untill i switched off it. Instead yesterday it doesn't turn on anymore when I press its button. To be precise its led is turned on for a while and immediately turned off. I suppose
Please somebody help me I have been working on installing cadence IC610 and i managed to come over all the problems of installation on OpenSuSe 12.2 but after i run the icfb i get the window open but it freezes. Please tell me what should i do ? attached is a photo of the frozen window appears to me when i run the icfb
There are claims which are easy to make... but hard to confirm... that styrofoam, plastic, etc., leaches into the food when heated in a microwave oven. It doesn't stop me from heating my frozen dinners (in their plastic trays) in the microwave. Actually, leaching of plastics and, more likely, plasticize
In a few words the OS will manage the threads to run simultaneously many applications but if you use only one thread in your application then your interface will be frozen while doing any intensive operation. For example while scanning for files, or calculating crc values or write/read big files etc. if you don't use thread then the user will se
All, Can anyone explain the reason and fix for the following warning that I get when I compile all my *.v files with Questa (Mentor) # ** Warning:():Cell parameter values frozen at compile time The line in question is: localparam FLAG = 4'b1111; animotion
I assume that you connect the crystal as a system clock source, in that case if the crystal malfunctions in any way (broken, disconnected etc) the system will be frozen, without a system clock no instruction is executed. The only self calibrating system i have seen is when there is an internal system clock source and a second external clock sourc
in pspice model editor extract parameter options is freeze how to activate that one?
My Nuhertz license file is frozen. Can someone generate a 5th order low pass filter for me? It shouldn't pass anything above 2.5GHz. If able please make with realistic cap and inductor values. No transfer function just the physical schematic drawing generated by the SW. Kind Regards.
fpga is hardware which is programmable to an extent according to our needs... asic is a frozen design and is application specific.... soc is a software placed on hardware....
Hello could you help me in this topic? I want an article about Optical Computing and frozen Light but I've just find something very poor and mostly just a news about it. Thank in advance Best Regards
sometimes, when i mount a windows partition on RHEL AS 3, the system will be frozen after a short while and and have to restar. I try serveral updatas of AS3, but problem not sovled, i need to point out that my computer is fine, i got this problem on three different computers. by the way, when mount a usb labtop drive, it wiill be ok. also, for RH
ic5141 usr3 was installed on RHEL AS 4 update 8, when i try to bring up the analog enviroment, it is just frozen and never opens up, any one have idea? by the way, when intalled on RHEL AS 3 update 6, there is no problem. i did try to reinstall redhat and ic5141, it looks like problem solved for the 1st time, but it comes again later on after i d
Whenever I turn on my Dreamcast everything seems to work fine. The dreamcast logo comes on and the trademark audio engages. However, when it asks for me to enter the date with the controller nothing happens. It acts like its frozen. Any ideas about what could be wrong?
There are several options. One is to vary the supply voltage with the data. This will crudely produce ASK and FSK at the same time. If your design is not frozen, you can follow the oscillator with an amplifier and PIN diode switch to produce a higher quality ASK. Or you could put a variable capacitance diode across your resonator and make
Hi all, i'm just starting to use simulink and sometimes it will crash (frozen window) when i double click scopes. it's not always, but quite frequent. can anybody help me? c.m.
I saw RECENTLY an appliance made by a SPANISH FIRM .. It's a BOTTLE COOLER .. You just put a bottle IN and in a matter of minutes it will get frozen COLD! .The design is PATENTED and UNIQUE .. the use a MICROWAVES source of energy to produce the COLD .. i still don't get it ,..But this THING is GOING TO BE BIG !.. the bottle tube is not even clo
Hi, all: My LDV 5.1 now works perfectly module by module under the KDE environment but there are some problems when LDV 5.1 is running in the Gnome environment. The Gnome panel is always frozen when launching the waveform display of Simvision. The pop-up error message is "Gome panel is crashed". Does anyone know how to fix the bug ? sunny65