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hi, i looked a lot but i couldnt find anything.i want build a circuit for 4 channel phone line caller id. i have to use SM8223A decoder and atmel microcontroller. i build a circuit but micro cant receive all data,when all line is ringing micro just catch 3 line's caller id. im thinking make it with shift register for each line.4 shift registe
Hi All! I want to design a Caller ID Telephone with a micro-controller. The uC should built-in fsk decoder, RTC, and 40x16 segment LCD driver. Please inform me which uC to use. The uC IC should be latest; it should be in manufacturing state, not phased out. It will be better that it is SMD IC with 128 pins or smaller for better soldering. Please
HI everybody. this is mohammed. Am planning to do a project which contains rf modules(transmitters, receiver)FM/fsk,micro controller, encoder, decoder and antenna. this is a kind of safety device. am planning to use LCD display,Buzzer, LED. can anybody suggest 1)how should i go ahead, 2) provide me some websites which can help me in doing t
if you use the keil or other softare you need to define port in the initialise part and also some parameters.... if you use fsk module you need to read manual first........
Hi, I am very new to fax interfacing. Now I have a data terminal consists of an embedded microcontroller and a data modem. What do I need to make the terminal support G3 fax, i.e connecting through an RJ11 cable, sending and receiving fax. I heard I need a SLIC, a DTMF decoder, an fsk decorder, etc? Anyone has more information, like block
hellow to every body sir kindly can u give me the ciruit of fsk decoder xr2211 ic i decoded the recived data through xr211 but i cant under stand how to use it thanks every body to help me im wating 4 ur reply
I have been using LMC567 foe fsk demodulation. Is it feasible enough. An fsk modulated wave is applied to pin 3 as i/p. R and C are selected to the freq. value which is the same value of the freq. of the modulated signal when the digital precedor(counterpart) of it had a low. thus I will get a low when the freq is detected and when not (where th
hi everyone, am a new in communication systems i have been given a task to design ask or fsk communicaation. i want to do fsk/ask with frequency range of 100-250 MHz (because of antenna size becomes too large for low frequencies) tell me all the very common integrated chips u know that cn act as transmitter/reciever/encoder/decoder (...)
plz if any one have the simulink model of ask,bpsk,fsk,qpsk,pcm encoder and decoder and also code in matlab.thank u.
i need pic based fsk modem encoder and decoder projects. any links plz?
Hello, The CLI is generated from your local telephone exchange. It is transmitted on analog lines in DTMF or fsk format. The decoder chip in the CLI device receives the signals and displays them on the LCD display. When you make a call to another telephone , your telephone exchange transmits your telephone number to the telephone exchange where
If you are really trying to do an fsk decode in software on a PIC, with A/D input and DSP style noise bandwidth, you could base it on: "A Dual-Tone Multifrequency Receiver Using Synchronous Additions and Subtractions" by Y.Tadokoro and Y. Haneda published in IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. COM-35, No. 4, April 1987. As far as I