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I don't completely agree with the answer in post #2. It's true the Microchip originated PIC programmers PICkit 2 or 3 are using programmed microcontrollers, but it's basically possible to make a programmer based on an usb-bridge chip like ft2232, running the device specific software on the PC. Programming speed might be considerably lower.
Whatever you do, the JTAG levels must be reduced to 3.3V. Usually this would be achieved without level converters by supplying the ft2232 VCIO with 3.3 V.
Dear All, I'm doing a project based on Nexys-2 FPGA board. A sensor module and ft2232H usb module are connected to Pmod connectors of Nexys-2. There are two modules in my FPGA design, one is sensor interface module, other is ft2232 module. Sensor interface samples output of my sensor, and routes it to ft2232 module. (...)
FTDI ft2232 offers a solution without any programming on the device side.
is a JTAG for processors with ARM core. Connect to computer via usb. This project based on project by Amontec name - JTAGkey. Tool works thanks to FTDI ft2232 chip set, with is double channel usb converter <=> UART/FIFO. At first channel chipset gives JTAG interface, at sec
Can any one tell me where can I find Proteus Libraries for FTDI chips? FT232, ft2232, FT485. I want to build schematic & PCB in proteus for usb to RS232 converter. Thank U.
the FTDI 2232 chip creates serial port 'from usb port'. it means that instead of communicating via usb, after connecting your circuit with ft2232 you can communicate with it as by serial port. so communication from uC is simple uart transmission, and from PC either, depends on in which language you code
On the question can the ft2232 configures as a host. Not as far as I know, you need to get a dedicated usb host to SPI/I2C controller that you can attach to your MPU Take a look at the FTDI Vinculum usb Host Controller Device.
An ft2232 can provide SPI/I2C/JTAG interface over usb, that can test some devices.. Else, I would suggest a digital I/O data aquisition card that is compatible with MATLAB..
It is true that sending few bytes over usb is very slow. I don't know the functions in the spi.dll, because i am using the ft2232 with linux, but i have written my own spi functions for programming avr uP with this chip. At the beginning i sent and received every 4 bytes with a separate FT_write and FT_read commands, and it was very slow. Programmi
Hi, everyone.. There is a 2 channel usb to serial ic - ft2232. it's made by FTDI , which is famous with virtual serial ICs. This company provides 2 kind of drivers for ft2232. - virtual comport - direct access to I/O Moreover, MPSSE supports 3 kinds of protocols. - JTAG - SPI - I2C The MPSSE is
Version 1.1 released. Support for two new usb cables was added: - Generic FTDI ft2232 based usb to JTAG interfaces, - Digilent JTAG-usb.
MProg 3.0a - EEPROM Programming Utility MProg supersedes the FTD2XXST utility and is the current EEPROM programming utility from FTDI. MProg has the ability to erase, program, read and read and parse the EEPROM contents for FT232R, FT245R, ft2232, FT232B, FT245B, FT8U232AM and FT8U245AM devices
I am looking for an "usb to SPI" converter IC. There is a FTDI chip (ft2232) for this but its operating temperature range is not suitable for us (0 to 70 C). It must be working under zero temperature. Can you help me, please?
usb2.0 XDS510 Emulator had seen in other site. Replace 74act8990 by CPLD. I just made a hardware eltonjohn's shcematic have seen below post. but it doen't work. When I plug usb cable, windows recognize only ft2232 chip.(Dual RS232) what can I do from this situation? how can I get a CCS dirver of this hardware?
Well, First of all, usb is not that boring! it has come from some sort of TELCO world, which is slightly different from computer science camp which makes the entire protocol stack slightly strange. second, if you ever intend to use any of the FTDI chip family (FT232, FT245, ft2232 are the most well known and the most recent) you do not need to know
ft2232 ( ) is a extensive solution to interface almost everything with usb. On the net there are universal boards ( ) that can be a good start for every application.