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It seems that FT232h confuses the four data bits on each byte i send. Eg. whatever i send in hex format, keeps the D3:D0 and confuses the D7:D4. Sent: 1 (0x01) : PC get: 225 (0xE1) Sent: 50 (0x32) : PC get: 242(0xF2) Sent: 173(0xAD) : PC get: 237(0xED) and so on.. whatever i send it keeps the second part of the hex number correct and confus
hi every one. I want to transmit data from spartan 3 to computer via usb port with ft245Rl. but i am some problem when i'm sending data to computer. I've write a code in fpga side that sends 0 then 1 until 255 and then 0 again and ..... constantly. and also i've write a code in D2xx mode that when code detect 0 start to saving data until it ge
Presented here construction uses FT232 which really works the same as ft245 and is easier available. The FT232 can be soldered using a simple soldering iron, it does not even require changing the tip. Use a liquid fl
Hello, i'm new here and new to the altera morphic-ii. I have problems to get the usb connection between the host pc and the cyclone fpga to work. I want to use the ft245 mode of the ft2232h. On the pc side, i use the vcp driver and have programmed the eeprom with the ftdi tool. Both cannels in ft245 fifo mode. After this step, i have programmed
I am posting hear because I did not find any other place If this is wrong place, guide me. I want to buy PL2303, CP2102, ft245 in india online shops are charging 6 to 10 times in my location this IC is not available in retails, only bulk purchase min-100. please give some address or details, from where I can buy in 1 to 10 number Price
You didn't clearly tell, what you want to achieve. I understand, that you just wanted to implement a parallel interface between ft245 and FPGA. In this case, the problem hasn't to do with USB. In my opinon, the ft245 datasheet describes detailed, how the handshake between ft245 and external logic has to be designed.
well, as far as i know, ft245 is a host to peripheral interfacing chip whose usb side is connected to a host computer instead of a usb device, pen drive etc.
if you can Sniff out the Exact USB protocol from the Software and Hardware device, converting it to C++?You can watch the ft245 USB communication, but what do you mean with converting to C++?
you can get from the datasheets of both ft245 and PIC the power consumption ad/or current consumption, also you can connect the circuit and make some current measurements and I prefer this method. Concerning crystals, I think the range of frequency your circuit work on isn't huge to have a stability issues with it, i used USB and PIC with 20MHz cr
Dear all .. I have found a USB-Blaster clone based on EPM240 CPLD with the ft245 chip . the attached archive contains the schematic , VHDL source , and the EEPROM *.ept config file . Regards for all :D
Please see attachment: ft245 + ATMeag8515
An ft245 has USB & 8 I/O pins.
There seems to be a misunderstanding with USB ms SOF (start of frame) tic. It doesn't restrict the througput, it's rather a kind of idle signaling. The host can start a new transmission at any time and it's also required to send a new request packet following a full data packet received from the device. Thus a ft245 has no problems to achiev
Hi I'm tryin to build USB interface using FTDI chip ft245 but i don't know how to add FTDI DLL file to the VC++ library, actually my experience in programming isn't good enough so plz try to simplify as possible. Thanks.
ft245 parallel to usb How ft245 related to LPT port ?!?!? Nothing .... :)
I did some search about subject (thread). It looks as too complicated and not recommended. However, with helps of some newer special designed chips maybe not. Using for instance USBN9603 - lot of registers, hard to make driver. Chip is available even in my place for some 8 Euros. ft245 should be easier - but for me it's not clear: can it be u
I want to modify the design of PC base oscilloscope given here But the bandwidth is limited to 500kHz due to the ft245 USB data transfer limitation of 1MB/s. I want to increase the bandwidth to something useful like say 20MHz using high speed ADC (40MSPS, 8-bit) and FIFO buffer. Now the problem is that how
You can use FT232 or ft245 in bitbang mode. In this mode you can control from PC side, each pin, individually. In the PC application (VB, what you preffer), you will have to write the programming protocol. It is not the fastest way, the programming may take a time, but it is one of the cheapest. /pisoiu
Hi, I've used the ft245 module in a previous design. The FTDA driver is more than enough to communicate with this module. You can build a Visual Basic routine to check the buffer status and directly communicate with the USB module.
Well, First of all, USB is not that boring! it has come from some sort of TELCO world, which is slightly different from computer science camp which makes the entire protocol stack slightly strange. second, if you ever intend to use any of the FTDI chip family (FT232, ft245, FT2232 are the most well known and the most recent) you do not need to know
Hi If your transfer rate is low you can use FTDI chip for transfering data use the ft245 easy and simple For high speed transfer you will need to design your product using more complex methode cypress,Ti,philips and other have chips who can handle high speed data transfer using the USB port All the best Bobi
FTDI's "D2XX Direct Drivers" for Windows offer an alternative solution to our VCP drivers and allow application software to interface with FT232 and ft245 devices using a DLL instead of a Virtual Com Port. Both AM and BM series devices are supported. The architecture of the D2XX drivers consists of a Windows WDM driver which communicates with the d
Can I use the FT232 or the ft245 to build something different of a USB<>Serial ? Maybe something like a sound card or a web cam ? Or the only way that the computer can recognize that ICs is like a serial bridge ? Thanks.