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The problem is to decode car manufacturer custom CAN bus messages, to get data like odometer value, fuel left etc. I know that there are suppliers, who provide ICs with preporgrammed database of those message codes. Maybe somebody can name any of this supplier?
Im in the process of learning embedded stuff.. getting the hang of anlog stuf then later some digital and then after do my micro programing. I kinda dabbled into a ti fuel gauge datasheet just so i can see how comfy i understand reference designs and they got this .1uf cap accroas the charge and discharge fets and i dont know why its anoying me.
Hi, First of all don't know where to post it, I need to know how exactly the fuel guage in car is working. Whether voltage or current will be available at the dash board for the measurement? I'm planning to measure it (from the dash board) and connect to microcontroller.
Has the car always done this? It sounds like there's a problem with the fuel system. What's the make and year of the car?
Yes, my pulse are positive only . I am building antilag system for a car , and i need the circuit to monitor the state of the fuel injectors. :)
I am interesting to know about the automation systems (production line) and the machines that manufactures these products: solar cells, thin-film solar modules, display screens like: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), touch panel and plasma, thin film rechargeable lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries for electric car, fuel cells and printe
Technically speaking, you will not be able to control the current and expect your circuit to work. What you can do is to design efficient circuits that uses as little current/energy as possible to achieve what you want to achieve. It is like trying to control the fuel feed to the engine and expect the car to move as usual. You should design a ef
It is a project of car computer on Atmega8. Functions: inside and outside temperature measurement voltage measurement in car installation measurement of the fuel level in tank measurement of the amount of fuel burned warning about the lights that are not on when the engine started flashing signal of
hai.. i would like to know what are the methods are available at present to measure the fuel level of a car. For ex: I know floating variable resister type sensor. Anything else are available. I am interested to know the available methods Thanks
I want to detect the level of fuel in a cars fuel tank, taken from the voltage of the fuel sender. Granted, it will fluctuate when the car is moving since the fuel sloshes in tank. I thought, I could do the following: - Read a sample from the ADC - Discard outlaying (...)
The meter shows right speed. It is recommended to test the measurement of fuel consumption by several refuellings to full and comparison of what the distributor and the system show. Mixed drive: fuel ? gas: [url=obrazk
This is a diagnostic interface for Fiats vehicles equipped with engines with a single point fuel injection (CFI), mainly IAW16F drives (seicento/cinquecento/punto). Full list of vehicle below. Thanks to LCD used, the device does
hi can any one tell me how a car immobiliser works? i know it cuts off the fuel supply, but i don't know actually how it works. thanks
Hi every one- hope you are enjoing with Edaboard. Can any one help me to make a car tunning system interface with computer
Im having a problem fitting a set dials into a car. They are from a later model so they fit fine with the exception of the fuel sender. The original one has a range of something like 0ohm to 450ohms, and the later a range of 50ohms to 300ohms. Is there any easy way to build a converter circuit so the calibrations are correct.
Old cars? Maybe an amp, just for the ignition. Modern ones? Tens of amps at least, for fuel pump and injectors and ignition and controls / sensors, plus whatever upside for electric fans when active.
Hi there I want design a precise fuel level detector. what do you suggest to use as sensors/ mechanical like the ones used in cars? ultrasonic? light? pls need your suggestions if someone has worked with it will be easier to eliminate options
i m measuring fuel level of car there is a floater in the tank which gives analog voltage and i measure it through pic ADC and display the result but whwn car moves floatre output varries too much which shows intemittancy in display is there any specific or any good method to remove this sloshing problem
Capacitive level meters are indeed used in industrial environments. I am not aware of them being used in a car, but I think you are on the right track. Personnaly, I think you should build the cap yourself, namely a piece of pipe with a rod in the center. That way the capacitance variation will be larger, for better sensitivity. And it will b
I think flow battery and fuel cells.