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I have bought this solar charger (Epsolar-LS0512E): , a 12 Volt Sealed Lead Acid battery, and I use this solar panel: Voltage: 12V Peak Power: 40 W Number of cell: 36 Pcs Short Circuit Current (Isc)
Hello, We need a variable gain amplifier. But very simple. The gain should be variable with a control voltage. Non-inverting. Do you know of one. All the Analog devices ones have way more features than we would like - - - Updated - - - We have a half sine control voltage which we wish to gradually
I am making a HX711 based Weighing Scale using PIC16F877A. The datasheet mentions that for input channel A that is A+ and A- then gain can be 64 or 128 and if 128 is chosen as gain then differential input can be +/-40mV. Does it mean that input can be -40mV to +40
hi dear experts. last night the following remote control fell in the tea pot and now it is not working. what is the problem? 155008155009
I have this package of 30 3 mm blue leds. I do not recall where I bought them. The pic shows one of them powered by a 18650 battery. I was wondering what the forward voltage is? 154948
Hi all, I got access to the TSMC 65nm PDK. However, my tech lib provider didn't provide CDK for using standard cell libs in Virtuoso. They just gave other types of std cell files that can be used in other tools than Virtuoso like SOC Encounter, RTL Compiler, etc. The std cell files I have now are : 1-celtic (.cdb) 2-lef 3-tf (...)
I have a large 48V battery bank connected to a solar array, but I have several loads (~10A) that require 24V (currently on a small battery bank powered by a SMPS). I'd like to connect the two batteries by tapping off half of the 48V battery bank. Of course that would result in cell imbalance, so I thought I would periodically switch the load from
How do we set the max tran ,max cap ,max fanout of any design in physical design ?
Hi, I have designed a phase detector using gilbert cell. I want to plot output voltage versus phase (Phase difference on x axis) in cadence. I am unable to bring phase to x axis. Can anyone please help me with it. Thank you.
I replaced a 600 Mah NiMh battery in small solar light with a 2300 Mah since I had no 600 Mah hr batteries in my stock. It worked great for about a week, but then the light started blinking when it should be on steadily. Is it because the solar panel can not charge a battery with 4 times the capacity?
Hi I am designing a double balanced cmos gilbert mixer for my project. Will all the transistors operate in saturation region? Amplitude of my LO & RF sigal is same. Do I need to bias them separately? Thank you
Hello everyone! I am new to Synopsys tools and i am having trouble using the 32nm libraries provided by Synopsys. I am trying to set the link libraries through following command: set link_library {"../../../../../general_libraries/Libraries/SAED32_EDK/lib/stdcell_rvt/saed32rvt_ss0p95v125c.db" "../../../../../general_libraries/Libraries/SAED32
dear friends: when I use spectre, somehing errors appears: "M1 is an instance of an undefined model nmos2v" I check the model library and netlist, I found the name is netlist is cellname not model name, e.g: the mos in my circuit cell name is nmos2v, the moldel name is nch, the netlist recongnized it as nmos2
Please let me know how to decide the orientation of any IO cell? Is it horizontal or vertical to be placed? How to decide aspect ratio of any macro?
I am using Cadence vertuoso IC6.1.5-64b It is the first time for me to write verilog in Cadence, I have created new cell view in one of my libraries. I selected the Verilog with HDL reading option as you can see from the pictures I attached. The problem is that I am unable to type in this editor , Thanks 154432[/ATTAC
Hello, I am using AD7730 IC to read load cell data. I am trying to calibrate AD7730 ic using MV generator.The output range is 0 to 20 mV in unipolar mode. The calibration procedure I have done is as follows:- 1) System zero scale calibration on 0 to 80mV range when Ain+ve and Ain-ve terminals are open. nothing will be connected here.after
Hi, I am designing a distributed power amplifier. I am a bit puzzled as how to do input and output impedance matching in distributed amplifiers. I would like to know whether the matching network design procedure is in any way different from as that of basic CS amplfier. Please suggest any detailed book on the distributed amplifiers. Thanks
Hello~ all:smile: I am simply finding out about the article about Which Mobile Phone Brand is More Popular in the World ,this article is about the essential quarter of the overall cell phone feature experiences report. It demonstra
I am not able to find vdd in my design , i have checked my upf file , it is defined still tool says cant find, i am using icc 1. Error code is pna-008. Please guide if anyone know how to resolve this issue.
Hey, I'm trying to fix a ceiling fan remote control, it is very simple with very few components. It has a few resistors, 16v 47uf cap, 455E, BA5104 and a transistor (3 legs). When I press any button the led stay on... I remove and insert the batteries and the led is on again - some times it will let me send a command or two and then the le