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I am having two speakers of oval shaped ones. Its value is 6 ohms. There are no markings on the speakers regarding minimal technical details on the speaker magnets. It is 9 inches in length & 5 inches in breadth. I want to know how many of wattage power it can take so that I can use suitable power amplifier. Is there a way to calculate the watt
I have an 8mm hose that flows the gas. Gas is Air or CO2 or Agron. Gas pressure is 0-10bar. 1.Pressure Can you recommend a pressure sensor? 0-10bar, Voltage or digital output, resolution min 12bit, to PCB with 4/6mm hose or direct to 1/8" or 1/4" fitting, low price , I do not resist the Chinese product. 2. Flow I also need to measure the
Hi I want to use SMPS for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and display but we need type B usb cable for supply. How can I customize USB cable for it? I have cut the one USB cable and there is 4 wires. 1. GND 2. +5V 3. Data+ 4. Data- I have connected GND to the GND of SMPS and +5V to the 5V of SMPS. And gave power to RPI and display but after s
For a project i'm doing, I am trying to keep the switch panel relatively compact and not running wires from the switch to the board. Utilizing switches such as the one linked below, what are some ways I could directly connect them to a pcb? I was thinking of adding PTH slots to directly solder the switches into. I would like a way to remove/switch
i am using fuel gauge battery monitoring IC Bq34110. i have read state of charge battery calculate but not update dynamically. if power on/off then i will change ? and how to calculate EMF,C0,R0,T0,R1,TC,C1 for lead Acid battery for Bq34110?
Hey all, I want to build a power bank that's compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. There are many options available in the market but I want to do it myself so I could learn something. The power bank should have two USB A ports to charge the devices connected to it and one USB B(Micro USB) port to charge itself. What would be the majo
I have used Kavlico fuel pressure sensors for measuring fuel rail pressure in tuning EFI engines, but these I think go up to only 100PSI. Have seen ones for hydraulics that are rated higher (like 1000PSI) but have never had a call to use them. MAP sensors I have seen up to 3.5bar for turbo applications. None of these are digital, they put out
Hi, I have a 19mm dia piezo-resistive pressure sensor and aluminium enclosure(80x75x60 mm), Thickness: 4 mm I want to fix the sensor in the bottom of the enclosure.(refer google for digital pressure gauge) I have some ideas earlier. We need a housing with thread on top which will fits the sensor. The sensor is locked inside and nut is tig
Hi, I have a analog pressure gauge of range 0 to 10bar. Is it possible to provide output of 4 to 20mA. I just want to try it. But don't know how to convert the mechanical to electrical output signal. - - - Updated - - - I assume, a magnet can be attached to the pointer shaft of pressure gauge. When the pr
Hello, i've recently found that Attiny85 and Atmega32u4 come with differential ADC capabilities. I was messing with load cells (strain gauge wheatstone bridges) used as weight/force sensors. Usualy people are wiring these with HX711 ICs, which is 24bit differential ADC made just for these purposes. I wonder if i can instead connect the load cel
I would like to read the signal from a sensor periodically, for example 0.5Hz, but my circuit does not have a microcontroller. Firstly, I think that if I can implement a timer, like a 555timer, with some logic gates to read the signal from the sensor. However, when the timer is not enabling to read the sensor signal, the output of the circuit sh
I need your help I have a project that includes data center beside two power transformers(1600KVA+2000KVA) What is the minimum separation distance between this power station and data center and what is the relevant standards? Thank you very much
Anyone have Tatsuno dispenser RS485 protocol/ manual. kindly send me at
In addition to etching and milling PCBs, there is nowadays also a technique for manufacturing PCBs by printing webs with a conductive material on a carrier, this is what my teacher said but i cant find any machine that does this and offcourse im a beginner, can someone pls help me bij just give a machine that does this, only the machine name is eno
Diagnostics are meant to diagnose what is the status of the operational aspects of the car - specifically the engine. Whether it is working OK, or whether there are some parameter values which need attention for proper working. I do not see how the odometer OR the current fuel tank reading could have any bearing on a diagnostic. Th
Hello to everyone. This is my first time on this forum and my first post so please go easy on me :-o I'm a software engineer currently working on a project for a gas station, and need to program TOKHEIM DIA-DIS or DIA-ITM board. I really need just a simple program to notify when the nozzle is lifted from it's natural p
Hello We were measuring the temperature of the tab of a TO220 FET (dissipating 3W) in an 60W offline flyback SMPS. We glued the the k type thermocouple end to a small piece of kapton tape which was covering a small bit of the tab. However, the high dv/dt switching voltage coupled through to the thermocouple and afflicted the reading. Therefo
Hi, i am experimenting with various CNC touch probe designs and i've came across following setup using straingauges CA-glued to elastic frame holding the probe tip. I will probably use aluminum or acrylic as base for the strain gauge. 150797 150798 I wonder if there is a way to wire this us
hi i made this half bridge converter but i change frequency to 70 KHz for output inductor i dont know which core material should i use MPP core or Ferrite? i use a M130-127A core(11 turn Litz winding and inductance is about 35uH ) and by 7 ampere output current it become very hot above 150 degree.isn't MPP core suitable for this application?is