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I need to measure the level of a tank fuel . The problem is that i don't know what kind of sensor to use ? Any suggestions please ?
Everything is working as it should; the fuel level at the sensor is changing, and it is being reported as such. You are NOT getting a 'wrong reading', you are getting a very accurate reading. You either need to filter your data, or stop the fuel from sloshing. Try putting baffles in your fuel tank. Or (...)
93189 i have this transducer. i want to make a circuit which drive it. please help me for that. i want to make fuel level sensor which can measure fuel or any liquid in the tank. thanks in advance
I'm doing 8051 project of Motorbike meter, troubling with fuel sensor, my bike having 100 ohm fuel float sensor, that varies from 93 ohm to 5 ohm, (93 ohm for empty & 05 for full), i need 0 to 5 volt variation to ADC, means for 93 ohm i need 0 volts & for 5 ohm i need 5 volts,,, plz help me im in final stage of project, this is only the remaining
Sam what generator is involved, what type, size and rest infos ? For voltage you can go with voltage divider or small transformer. Current measuring hall sensor like A1302. For fuel level, you must describe generator and fuel tank, all from shape, volumen,... Its possible to count and log produced KW/h, measure (...)
can you need this sensor fuel level in the
Can we use load cell for petrol level measurement in car? will this method feasible for level measurement?
It is a project of car computer on Atmega8. Functions: inside and outside temperature measurement voltage measurement in car installation measurement of the fuel level in tank measurement of the amount of fuel burned warning about the lights that are not on when the engine started flashing signal of
I want to detect the level of fuel in a cars fuel tank, taken from the voltage of the fuel sender. Granted, it will fluctuate when the car is moving since the fuel sloshes in tank. I thought, I could do the following: - Read a sample from the ADC - Discard outlaying (...)
Hi chsp129, Eventual some vacuum effects in fuel tank? I think you must control/check-recalibrate it in an external(opticall) controllable tank... K.
HI You can use pressure sensor to measure fuel level in tank Freescale provide many type of pressure sensor you can order via MOUSER Also look for application note from National & Frescale on how to preform liquid level measurement All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
I am looking in to driving a standard fuel gauge. From what I understand, the sender unit in the fuel tank is basically a resistor, and as the level of the fuel changes, the resistance changes, and this changes the current in the fuel gauge and it moves the needle. Right? Well...... I (...)
i m measuring fuel level of car there is a floater in the tank which gives analog voltage and i measure it through pic ADC and display the result but whwn car moves floatre output varries too much which shows intemittancy in display is there any specific or any good method to remove this sloshing problem
Hi everyone! I want to built a fuel lavel indicator through a microcontroller system. The fuel tank of the boat has a floater. The floater is connected on a potensiometer. My problem is how can i avoid the quick changes of the displayed level on the lcd which are cause from the sea's waves?
Hi all I need help in designing a wireless fuel level indicator for a storage tank. I have thought in an hermetic device fixed inside the tank, in the bottom with some kind of pressure sensor. So, i can monitor the changes in the fuel weight and send an rf (could be fm) to a receiver outside the (...)
Hi, For measuring the level of fuel tank you can use the ultra sonic transceivers method is useful for both fluid good conductor and bad conductor one, this method is tested in the lab for water level monitring that is why u and sending u .....
hrhgroup, i really dont know well about product you mentioned . What you have to be aware of is that company ( ) is quite young (2 years) and you should get some refernce information. May be you can call them and ask for companies who bought that sensors, to get references from. You can of course order one or few sensor and make
hi i m designing a water level indicator circuit in which i am using four probes which will go inside the water. three are for 3 levels indication and one is common .the one which is common i am giving a oscillation of 150hz so that the salt doesnt deposit on the wire which is inside the tank. the signal from the other three is given (...)
Hi, other posibility is using a ribbon cable an measuring the capacity between two wires. The fluid level around the cable changes the capacity between the two wires. Use a CMOS Mono Flop for converting capacity to time varaiation. The Pulsetime from the Monoflop can be counted by a little ?c like a PIC. Good luck, Halabat