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I would consider to use tabulated output from PSpice (see user manual, viewing results, other output options) and import in the program that processes your experimental results (spreadsheet calculator, Matlab, whatsoever). The method gives full control over result presentation and scaling, in other words true merging. - - -
Pls. check this PDF found here, and perhaps the full thread!
My name is Jie I?m the creator of RggBer. I started full time development on this open source hardware project starting in December 2015. The idea started from my last project. In order to have a basic module for simple
Hi, Its a general question...and I donīt know what you specifically mean. You surely read the datasheet. Then you saw, that the difference between IR2110 and IR2113 is the max. power high side voltage. Because you choose IR2113 I assume you work with voltage above 500V. (be careful with those high voltage!!) ***** A search in the forum for "IR2
you open it, save it as a .asc file, then open it in the simulator and hit the running man icon. This forum will not accept .asc files so i had to send it as a .txt - - - Updated - - - remember that a full bridge smps is just a two stage interleaved "two transistor forward" converter...but using only on
I saw an article years ago telling how electrolytics have the chemical barrier become 'weak' after sitting unused a number of years. full voltage should not be applied lest it destroy the capacitor. The author said the dielectric needs to be 're-formed', by admitting very small current until it charges to running voltage. -
please show full circuit, including all diode part no's...also values of the opto LED resistor - - - Updated - - - you are missing a resistor in series with D9 (BTW, do you know that power integrations run their own forum) - - - Updated - - - Is your circuit
In Binkley's book Tradeoffs and Optimization in Analog CMOS Design, chap. 5 you can find 3 optimization examples for such an amp (OTA) for 3 different bandwidths/DC gains/slew rates, incl. W/L calculation and full characterization, for 0.5?m process, however. I think this could be helpful anyway.
Reduce the 1k resistor to around 270 Ohm. That should give you near the 20mA you need through the LEDs for full brightness.
like 1. fifo empty output signal is generated when queue size becomes 0. 2. fifo full output signal is generated when queue size becomes 32. - - - Updated - - - if anyone knows reply immediately
Hi, I read noise figure calculation from Maxim AN. For ADC NF calculation, it says: ......... 3. As RIN is lowered, the full-scale power level increases, thereby increasing the effective noise figure for a constant SNR. The link of the above statement is from here:
you don't say it is video or stills nor if it color or B/W nor resolution BUT if you need to do 1) and especially 3) as well you definitely can NOT use a wee micro-controller, you need a full-blown PC.
Dear MRahman sir Thanks for your nice Attached file. I read full documents. I try to make project by using MPLAB ASM , but there is lot of error. Please tell me which compiler used for "sn3_ups". Also, I try to open "SINE_03 PCB File" but can not open. Please tell me which PCB design software used for "SINE_03 PCB File". Sir, I am waiting f
heklo everyone.. can anyone suggest me a book/paper with full derivation of the expression of the CMRR of a telescopic opamp?????
I like .png for its lossless compression and very small file sizes (esp. if you reduce the color depth). The GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) is a good publicly available full featured graphics editor. I only use it on Linux systems but believe you could find a Windows version. When publishing your image will likely occupy a couple of inche
Hi You can reference as below to understand what the full wave simulation. thanks
According to the manufacturer guideline, RFBB and RFBT defines a resistive voltage divider, so that applying values from circuit above would yield something close to 1,8v.
I did it using toner transfer with no problem, The full solid pattern may cause PITA for Laser jet so I decided to Hatch the patterns. - - - Updated - - - The mirrored Top is necessary for the silk screen, while doing toner transfer.
just google and get the idea and ask the question rather than full project.
1)If I turn the knob, then the wave form would be output on Pin A and B? but where does the power come from? 2)12 steps mean 12 sectors in one full revolution? 3)old A ,old B, A, B 4 bit word would give 16 values right? - - - Updated - - - 10