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Hi I'm trying to identify an SMD IC that is used in the front end of the futaba R3006SB radio control receiver. I think that it is most likely a PIN diode attenuator working in the 2.4 GHz region, but it could also be an RF preamp. Any help gratefully appreciated.
I am trying to control two futaba S3003 servo motor with a basys2 board. I understand that the servo works of pulse width modulation and have done the required calculations to create the correct pulse widths. I have written the implementation constraints to output on the the JA and JB terminals. I have tested the system with an oscilloscope/mul
prototype of this design was a combination of display removed from a cash register and a project of clock/thermometer based on VFD. The VFD display was equipped with a clock and date. Data for display were sent by RS232. In the case of lack of data, clock and date would be displayed f
Hi All, I have a futaba VFD display. I brought it to make a grafic display for my amplifier. But I could not find the I2C chip for this. Please help me on this. And If you have some sample circuts of VFD Displays please share with me. Thanks. Nuwan Mahesh,
Display: It is VFD display, standard 4x7 segments and colon from futaba. System: The clock is based on circuit MM5387AA/N ? it is a clock synchronized to the network 50/60Hz to four 7-segments displays of 24/1
It is a tube amplifier on 2 tubes ECL86 with settings indicator, based on VFD futaba BG-7M tube. Old radio receiver Diora Trubadur was used in this project. Power supply module/ controller: Attiny2313 is responsible f
The main aim was the use of inertial sensors in humanoid robot control process to improve its motor skills. For this purpose, hardware and software platform was developed, including a robot futaba RBT-1, robot contro
Hello! I'm trying to write code to control two servo with two potentiometers Devices that I use is: microcontoller atmega88, breadboard, two servo futaba S3003 and Elsy AVRUSB500 programmers. Everything is properly connected but my code is not working as it should. What happens when I try to control the servo is that only one potentiometer con
Hi, i'm trying to control a servo futaba S3003 using a pic, i've been searching lot of information on how doing it, the thing is that it looks very simple but it just doesn't work and i can't figure why. I wrote the easyest code to make the servo spin right, left, and go to the center but it just turns to the right. I've tried all the kombinat
I have a futaba IC SERVO FP-S121 (japan) (geared type 0 to 180degree rotation) i know how to move it to a desired angle via PCM but the thing is that i also want to control it speed. + it has a potentiometer as a feedback sensor not a shaft encoder. is there any way to Control the speed of this servo other then controlling angle??
HI All, i am using futaba FP-S128 Servo motor for a project. I now that these servos expect a high-low stream on pulses of 0V and 5V going high for 1mS and low for 1mS. With this 2mS period. If both high and low have same time the servo remains in neutral position. So my changing on period to 1.5mS ON and 0.5mS off the servo move
can anyone know any usb software for I/O transmit data? not script but already made software. i need to command from usb a servo motor(futaba). or on/off a led (just to see how this usb port work)-and if a script in c++/pascal/VC++;#) is available i dont mind. thanks.
hi. i need assistance for making to run an servo motor (futaba S3003) i also buy,for this motor a Micro Serial Servo Motor Controller from "pololu " see here the controller itself : i buy also an CI MAX 232 for redistributing the voltage (from port COM1 =12V/
Hi, I was working with a servo controller recently. My initial design was using two 555 timer. One is an astable which generate 20ms period and a monostable which i use a potentiometer to control the pulse duration. I was able to control the speed and the position of the servo by varying the potentiometer. I'm using a futaba servo motor. T
Hello, Anyone got documentation on futaba 13-ST-77ZRA VFD 8 segment 13 digits display? It seems that futaba has not published any spec on their site and CSR don't know anything about these
Any body know how to control futaba Servo motor? If i want the motor to turn bidirection for certain degree. THANKS
Do anyone know which chip the digital rc servo (such as futaba s9450) use? i want some digital rc servo circuits!
hi some time ago i built a system for controlling some cams via internet for a customer. i used visual cafe for creating the software, mainly java applets. the hardware was controlled via futaba rc servos. one for the pan and the other for tilt. these servos were called thru the Mini SSC from SEETRON. I also used the Free 32-bit Windows DLL that
will the motor stay at current position if the signal goes to 0 or does it go CCW?