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Sometime , we work with low quality eqipment , the good mathematical model must be use , PCA , neural network , fuzzy Logic , Genetics Algorithm ... etc.
I would like to know in details what is neural network and the difference between it and the fuzzy logic? how to implement fuzzy logic and neural network on a microcontroller, is it possible or I have to implement them on a Digital Signaling Processor? Thanks in advance
Hi I am Eng Shahad from Iraq- computer Eng. Dept I am now studying and my project name is "Design fuzzy neural controller based genetic algorithm for congestion avoidance in computer network" program: NS2 and MATLAB if any one have codes for ns2 or m-file codes please help me and i will be so thankful to you Regards
Iam Rita Dyana. I am Brawijaya University Indonesia's student and post graduate in Management Construction.. I get the task of fuzzy logic, GA and neural network, in operations research courses. Can you help me about everything about fuzzy logic, GA and neural network, and (...)
Hi all, Sorry for double posting. I am an electrical engineering student doing final year project on handwritten recognition. I am thinking of using wavelet transform for feature extraction and hybrid of fuzzy logic with neural network for recognition. May I know any comments on whether is it feasible to implement the process of feature (...)
1)advance digital system which include fgpa design 2)machine vision or image processing 3) digital signal processing 4) microprocessor and microcontroller 5) intelligent system (neural network n fuzzy)
In india there any automobile company relative to VLSI field... specially for fuzzy logic and neural network...............
I want to use a trained neural network in simulink model to take inputs & give the desired outputs connecting a Simulink model. Is this possible in MATLAB simulink for neural networksas it is done for fuzzy? How can I do that?
Would someone pls advise how AI (e.g. neural network, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm, etc) can be applied in power electronics research? Thanks.
Link to e-book on fuzzy logic + neutral network:
Pls advise and provide examples on how AI (fuzzy logic, neural network, etc) could be applied in electrical and electronic applications. Thanks.
I am trying to design a fuzzy neural network. Anybody has source code written in C/C++, *.dll, ... especially *.dll, please help me. Thanks a lot.