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I am trying to design a PCB with Spartan 6 FT(G)256 Package and it will be configured by EZ-USB fx2 CY7C68013A. The configuration mode will be Microprocessor-Driven SelectMAP Configuration, as shown in the attached image and what is described in the following document: My confusi
A 200 MS ADC seems to be a bit oversized for digitizing a 2.2 MHz ultrasonic signal. A cypress fx2 high speed USB chip seems suitable for the intended application. Many ADC with parallel interface should be directly connectable to the fx2 8- or 16-bit FIFO interface. There's also a FX3 USB superspeed follow-up product, but I believe you (...)
Hi, I am currently working on a project in which I have to interface CCD camera ATIK314L+ with an embedded board. Camera ATIK314L+ is provided cypress fx2 USB drivers support. I successfully completed interfacing of camera with windows7 based PC using the ArtemisSDK Visual studio application provided by ATIK. And, now I want to develop embe
Lavesh, this answer might be a little late but maybe it helps you or others who are looking into the programability of the fx2. There is a specific forum for cypress USB devices and many [
I'm somewhat surprized that a battery takes a master role, but I just will take it as granted. Supposed, the fx2 I2C controller has all prerequisites for handling multi-master operation, may it be the case that your firmware doesn't correctly? E.g. not checking for free bus before starting a transaction, ignore status bits that signal bus collis
hi, Where can I download cypress fx2 cyconsole software? I running out of time and I couldn't find the software on Regards, Sharon
The host would expect the device to respond 100ms from the time it connects the pull-up on the line. I've seen bus-powered designs (cypress fx2 used to run into this issue if the reset circuitry timing was high) run into issue if the device is not ready to respond by this time. This would lead to device enumerating with VID and PID 0000 and windows
There are many Webcams that use the cypress fx2 as a bridge between the Omnivision Camera sensor and USB. There are plenty of drivers available for this design. Does anyone have details of this design ? I can't find an App Note by cypress or Omnivision...
PIC and Cygnal microcontrollers are not high speed (480Mb/s) devices. They are full speed devices (12Mb/s). You should take a look at cypress website. I don't know if fx2 still exsit but they are high-speed microcontrollers.
Hi all. I am interfacing the cypress EZ-USB fx2LP (Cy7C68013A) to a Lattice FPGA. The data is transferred from PC in AUTOOUT mode (auto-commit to peripheral domain) and the data is read from the USB chip through the slave FIFO interface. Endpoint 2 is used, the fifo uses double buffering with packet size of 512 bytes. The external interface is
Hopefully someone can help. Board #1: cypress EZ-USB fx2-LP (CY7C68013A) microcontroller on pcb operating at 3.3V. Board #2: Analog Devices (AD669 DACPORT) 16-bit monolithic D/A converter plus other analog IC's operating at 5V. The cypress board has 3 of its I/O ports connected to the other board through a 26-pin ribbon cable. We (...)
My choice would be the EZ-USB fx2 LP from cypress. Part number is CY7C68013A. It comes with its own driver which has a very nice user mode API you can use from your code, and you practically get the firmware needed for high speed transfers with it. The embedded 8051 cpu can control the traffic but does not do the actual data transfer. The trans
I am designing a streaming data acquisition application with the cypress EZ-USB fx2, using CyAPI. The data is transferred from external logic via the slave FIFO interface to a quad-buffered bulk endpoint in the fx2. The PC fetches data from the fx2 using transfer prescheduling by queuing overlapped transfers (the (...)
go to and get the software package for developing firmware for EZ-USB. after installation, you'll find a EZ-USB Control Panel, use that panel to download whatever you like to your fx2 chip through USB. running that control panel, you'll find "download" button........
could you email me the ref design? I am thinking of doing a design using their fx2 chip. thanks ahgu
Hi , Does anyone point me a resource for controlling cypress EZ-USB fx2 USB device by Delphi or Visual Basic 6? A good tutorial / project? Actually I just need to read/write few hundred bytes from/to RAM of fx2 chip by Delphi or Viual Basic 6. Thanks in advance.
Hi mohammadreza77 Which one uC you want to use? If fx2 from cypress then you don't need expensive windriver. You can download sources of Control Panel for fx2 from cypresses web site. After studing this code you shouldn't have any problems to use it in your application. Best reg
sorry for the repeat of this question in the microcontroller design section and this section however i do need help with this problem:::::::: hey everyone, i would appreciate any help with this little problem, basically i'm building a dso using a cypress ez usb fx2 board (connunicating through the usb port naturally) model num (cy7c68013. my pro
hey everyone, i would appreciate any help with this little problem, basically i'm building a dso using a cypress ez usb fx2 board (connunicating through the usb port naturally) model num (cy7c68013. my problem is that i do not know how to interface the board with the computer as in , how do i create a handle to the device driver associated with my
Hi, Anybody done interfacing with this part, any code examples, PC end and USB2 device end. Cheers Spit