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Hello friends I need to have a high-gain amplifier circuit with pmos input. Who can help me?
Hi, below schematic is a fully-differential gain-boosting opamp that I'm working on right now. I want to check the stability of a local loop that is comprised of gain-boosting amp and a source follower. So, I inserted 'diffstbprobe (red color)' as below, set it as a probe instance, and (...)
Hi, I am going to design the gain boosting opamp with gain120dB and UGB=40Mhz. the problem is to how to judge the bias voltages and CMFB also . will you suggest me in this regard.:roll:
Hi, I designed a folded cascode opamp with gain boosting and it works properly, now I want to design biasing voltages of the opamp. I could design a biasing circuitry for the main opamp, but I had a hard time finding a way to generate the dc voltages that need to be applied to the gain booster input. I mean, I found the (...)
Hi, I have Layout the design of gain boosting Op_Amp but i am experiencing a major issue in post layout that its Unity gain frequency is going below half of the total, My gain boosting op_amp is designed for 1.3 GHZ with 77 Degree phase, but in post layout after every effort i managed to get it to 904 (...)
Hi I am trying build 14 bit cyclic ADC. To reduce noise floor by removing 1/f and offset, i am doing auto-zeroing. In the figure auto-zeroing and gain setup is given. even though i am doing auto zeroing the 1/f noise is not getting reduced in pssnoise analyis. and one more thing is am using a gain (...)
HI, I am designing a demodulator for RFID tags. But the demodulator is performing the action when the input voltage amplitude is 1v. I want the demodulator to perform its operation for very low input voltages. Shall I use a gain boosting circuit before the demodulator? What are the pros and cons for the above logic? Thanks!!
I know that there can be a pole-zero doublet in a gain boosted amplifier which can negatively effect your settling time. My question is, is there a condition that you can impose on the UGBW (unity gain bandwidth) of the gain boosted amplifier, the UGBW of the boosting amplifiers, and the (...)
Hi all.... I am designing peak detector for adaptive flash ADC While designing I stuck with the topology for OTA? Please help me in deciding whether to use Coscade OTA or gain boosting OTA or any other type?? Please provide me with some details and study materials Please provide me link. My mail ID is
To achieve the highest gain bandwidth, which one is more reasonable, multistage(3 stage) or gain boosting with 2 stage?
Dear all, how many zeros in this gain-boosting cascode and what are their expressions? Thank
Hi All, I have to design a PGA where 1st stage of my circuit is a folded casocde and second stage is a common source. There is a resistive feedback in my circuit . I have to design it to meet the following specs a) 100 Mhz 3db BW b) SNR >= 70 db c) Phase Margin >= 60 degree d) IM3 at 20Mhz >= 70 db e) IM3 at 100 Mhz >= 55db f) gain settin
Dear all, i am designing folded cascode based integrator. It's transient response and phase response are quiet fine but it's gain is quiet low. When i increase the gain by changing W/L or bias voltages, the transient response is distorted. Ideal response: :arrow:AC magnitude response having a slope of -20 dB/decade with a unity (...)
for the DC gain and GBW you mentioned , i think it is possible by telescopic without gain boosting
From AC simulation, you can only know small-signal characteristic of the OPA at one specific operation point. It is possible that in large signal transient, your OPA and additional OPA deviate from high-gain region. Another possible reason may due to the instability of the gain-boosting active circuit. Although you know (...)
Why do you involve the input of the whole amplifier in the gain-boosting loops? These are just local feedback and they should not depend on the input polarity. What will happen with the boosting loops if you don't have any signal at the input - they should still work, right?
with a carefully designed 1-stage folded cascode, you can achieve about 70-75dB (not far from what you need) and you could use gain boosting to gain some margin. In this case you have the advantage that you need no compensation. If you want to design a 2-stage opamp, try to read "An improved frequency compensation (...)
hi wot is the main difference between cascoded and gain boosting amplifier.
Both DC and frequency gain are important to a successful EQ design as there are both DC and high freq gain loss across the channel, so ppl in the research world or even commercially will have two paths for DC and high freq compensation. However, it's subtle to implement both in a single loop (...)
hello all, i'm trying to calculate the transfert function of a differential amplifier with 2 gain boosting stages i have some problems, can anybody help me please regards, maalma