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hi all i am tring to plot the radiation pattern of a monopole printed antenna with cst (in gain ieee and polar plot with phi=0 and 90 degress and theta variable ) i got results where it shows that the results iaccurate (...)
i m beginner in hfss can u tell me how plot gain vs freq graph,radiation pattern,directivity vs frequency,co and cross polarization...if any doc then upload...pls help..
hello everyone.. i have design rectangular microstrip antenna but i dont know how to plot gain vs freq and radition pattern,directivity such parameter... also i m not able to find what that graph represent pls help...
Is there a formula that related the 3dB beam width of a 1/2 wave dipole antenna with the gain of the antenna? Since the a narrower beam on a E field radiation represents more directivity, more gain. I was hoping there is a convenient formula where if you determine the 3db beam width from a antenna directivity (...)
hi I am using HFSS V11. I was unable to plot S parameter,VSWR? Pls refer to the attached the screen shots. I was unable to choose VSWR and S parameter beside gain and directivity. Please advise. thank you .
For antenna application, Transient solver is best . First u calculate the far field using CST and then using plot propeties u can calculte directivity or gain whatever u desire and in any format eithr 3D or 2D.
hi my friend. if you have all your simulations done right.then you will have to include far fiedl setup under the radiation icon.then go to results and right click ---> will show you far field click on it and a window will show up.plot your gain and (...)
Hi Mustapha, Etotal=sqrt(sqr(Ephi) + sqr(Etheta)) so you can either plot Etotal or its composites,generally we plot gain and directivity and also Gphi or Gtheta,Dphi and Dtheta, see Balanis 2nd chapter you will be very (...)
I'm simulating an antenna over a range of frequencies and trying to figure out where the maximum gain would be. I know that you can look at the antenna parameters at a certain frequency ("radiation" -> "infinite sphere" "compute antenna parameters"), but does anyone know if you can plot some of these properties (ie (...)
hi friends can u tell me how i can get gain in dB,beamwidth and directivity of a radiation pattern. I am using HFSS,it gives very large values because it does not consider reflected powers. I want to plot it on MATLAB. i get radiation patterns of azimuth and (...)
Hi jian How can I put the directivity and gain in the same plot? THX PL