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Dear all, I designed a current mirror. Some papers such as said the DC gain is A0 = gm1 x B x ro3. I computed it with mine, but, in the simulation, the B factor doesn't seems to have any impact on the DC gain, only on the GBW. Not sure if there
Hi all the attached is a booster amp used a gain boosted ota, from one berkeley student's project report. I don't understand why he used cascoded tail current source with one transistor controlled by biasing network and another by cmfb. Any particular advantage of this topology compared to normal cmfb tail current source (two parallel (...)
hi everyone! i am designing a gain boosted cascode folded opamp and i have done with my main amplifier of 40dB and 300MHz. right now, i am doing the gain boosted ota. the paper that i have read says that the input and ouput of the gain boosted opamp are to be set, (...)
assume to design a telescopic fully differential ota with gain boost, the gain boost stages will be implemented in folded cascode fully differential topology, one for the upper side, andother for the downside. my question is: is it necessary to make sure that these two gain boosted stages have very close (...)
I browsed almost all the papers of the IEEE of the gain boosted ota, all mostly said about the same thing, just add a Op Amp to increase Rout, like the picture attached.... The problem is how to decide the bias and the Width/Length of the the added Op Amp. I used the Op Amp as same as the original one(the one needed gain (...)