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The PMOSFET is wrongly connected in your schematic. You should also consider that the MOSFET booster circuit is adding gain and reducing phase margin so that the amplifier needs additional frequency compensation to achieve stability.
range is dependent on where it is placed, what sort of antenna, what type of walls etc it has to TX and RX through If it was outside on a high pole with a high gain antenna and clear path it could do 100 km easy is it a good product ... who knows ?? just make sure that power level is legal in your country Dave
Assuming you have permission to piggyback onto the other home's wifi... Link to various images of wifi antenna (including boosters). You'll probably need to go to some effort to gain access to the wiring of your laptop's antenna.
Hi, I designed a folded cascode opamp with gain boosting and it works properly, now I want to design biasing voltages of the opamp. I could design a biasing circuitry for the main opamp, but I had a hard time finding a way to generate the dc voltages that need to be applied to the gain booster input. I mean, I found the values in the (...)
Hi all the attached is a booster amp used a gain boosted ota, from one berkeley student's project report. I don't understand why he used cascoded tail current source with one transistor controlled by biasing network and another by cmfb. Any particular advantage of this topology compared to normal cmfb tail current source (two parallel transi
Hello all, For the choise of the unity gain frequency of the gain boosting amplifiers we have the basic equation : β*funity,open loop,otagain booster
Dear all, I have designed a fully differential telescopic op with fully differential gain-booster. But I don't know how to simulate the stability of it. Could you help me? Thanks in
Hi, Need CATV amp/booster reference design/project with available components. Should work the whole band (50-850 MHz) 75 Ohms in/out with gain control. Thanks.
use a high gain receiving antenna
Hi, there, In order to improve the gain of an OTA, the gain-boosting method is an useful thchnique. what is the relationship between main OTA, and "A" shown in the figure? Supposed that the UGB of main OTA is 200MHz, how about the opamp "A"? Is any systematic calculation
No! in simulation, the circuit maybe operate. But you must use CMFB for fully differential amplifier. Or you can use it without CMFB in case of single ended gain booster.
You can use Switched-capacitor type with non-overlapping clock for up to 13~4bit resolution.(two stage opamp or gain booster) For more resolution, you can use gate-bootstrapping technique. There are many helpful thing in S.Lee 's thesis.
yea - it's the gain-boosed gain-booster.
How to design gain Boosting AMP used in OTA I am looking for ur help to design CS AMP which used in gain Boosting AMP or I have to design it before I start design hole OTA or just I combined them together and start simulation directly Best regards
needs gain between 12~15 db . This preamp/booster is going to be used in car for boosting am transmission of car radio.
Hi all, I am designing telescopic opamp with gain boosting with ft=2Ghz. The gain booster are simple levels hift common source and then diff pair. I am having serious stability issues as i am getting pole in right hand plane. I have no idea what caused this and how to overcome this. Can you tell me any tutorial etc when to read the (...)
Hi Folded cascode has one dominant pole. (single pole) So gain boosted folded cascade is single pole agian if you design booster correctly. (see bult's paper) so, SR, UGB and PM stays almost constant. regards
Does anybody know how to do ac analysis for switch cap circuit? Thanks. For example, the simplest switched circuit used to simulate R. How to use spectre's ac analysis to do some checking? In my circuit, one switched cap circuit is used in the gain booster amplifier for the main OTA. I want to use ac simulation to get the total dc (...)
just assume ur boost amp is completely ideal and having infinite gain and bw. now, roughly determine how much voltage u want at the souce of ur cascode transistor. for example: at pbias1=vs@pcasode=vdd-von@ptop~3-200mV~2.8V put the same voltage (2.8V for pbias1) at the input to boost amp.. now due to to feedback action (and high gain of boost
hi all can any one name me circuit for tv signal booster with uhf and vhf gain good control regadrs