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the LDMOS will probably be cheaper. the LDMOS has a very low output impedance, and large output shunt capacitance, which will limit the bandwidth it can be matched over. The gan fet has a higher output impedance to begin with, and less shunt capacitance since the devices are physically smaller, so you can do higher frequency and bigger bandwidths
Hello everyone. I am currently working on gan hemt, Class F with reference frequency of 3.5GHz (Bandwidth spacing of 20MHz). I've managed to simulate the system on one tune , obtain the S-param ,design T match circuit and obtained an efficiency of 94%, But now I got stumbled upon how to properly design the resonant circuit, since we have 2 tu
Hello I would like to replace the VCCS by a SDD component in the small signal model of gan hemt(Using ADS). Could somebody help me in this? How many ports should the SDD be and what should be the equations? Like this ?? 107453
As the title, I can't find the Spice file of this transitor, I need this Spice file for simulation in CST, Anyone knows where to find this Spice file ? Thanks ! RGs Tu
Hello I want to design power amplifier by using ADS , but the transistor that I want to use , I didn't find it thair , but when I looking for solution at net I found that I must download a design kit from Cree Inc. but I couldn,t find it. Can any one here help me or show me way to add the transistor ??? the transistor is gan hemt CGH40010.
Help, Need paper: "A Decade Bandwidth 90 W gan hemt Push-Pull Power Amplifier for VHF / UHF Applications" Krishnamurthy, K.; Martin, J.; Aichele, D.; Runton, D.; Defense & Power Bus. Unit, RFMD, Charlotte, NC, USA thanks
Please help, we have tested a 100w gan hemt by applying only gate voltage less than pinch off voltage with out drain voltage, its base is grounded, by giving -5v to gate of pa gate voltage immediatly dropped and it showed some gate current and we have checked continuity of the pcb in resistance mode it is showing short between drain &ground &als
Using Digital Predistortion can get improvement for ACLR2 in 20dB's range, more or less depending approach used and by transistor type. For example gan hemt get better ACLR than Si LDMOS.
I want to simulate ferroelectric material on Algan/gan hemt structure using atlas software.....can anyone give me example code for this....or specify any path how can I write the code for this.....
Hello, Yes Freescale MRF1570T1 MRF1570FT1 upto 2GHz or Eudyna EGN030MK ---manju---
we know that the gan is the most importent material for hign freq,hign power application.but we know little about the gan,there are so many mechanisms we haven't get. when design the circuit about the large signal ,we haven't the model about gan,so how can we get the model?can we just use the distributed components to stand the model ,we (...)
my research is about the compound semiconductor device modeling ,especially the GaAs or gan hemt plz give me some advice,also can recommend some useful book about it,the most difficult part is the large signal modeling ,so if possiable books or papers about the large signal is the best. if you have the same research,plz help!also can commun
does anyone know the exactly detail flow to extract the EEhemt1 model using the ICCAP? i have see the help,but there are too much to learn, is there someone give some helpful advices, i now use ICCAP to extract the GaAs or gan hemt model, i'm so confused.plz help!