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I've never used a TDC7200 but from the data sheet I can see it has no automatic method of sensing any point in the incoming signal, you have to provide them (start and stop) yourself. If using it only as a frequency counter, you have to provide it with a known 'gate' or 'capture window' signal from a reference source. For example if you provided
Incorrect gate drive of high side MOSFETs, 5V instead of required 12V+x.
Hi, You also need to say what type of micro and programming language you intend to use - if you have any idea yet ? What devices do you intend to use for sensing the approaching train and for operating the gates as these directly relate to how your programming will evolve. Also google on your title and look up RFID readers.
Can someone help me to design an automatic railway gate control using a microcontroller like pic16f877
Hi all: I am using design compiler for synthesis of pipelined design and I am trying to clock-gate the pipeline registers. I made the registers load enabled using a enable input. The DC is inserting the clock-gating cicuitry but the enable pin of the clock-gating circuitry was directly connected to "enable input". But for other designs the ena
Hi there, Am working on a acadamic project called as automatic NUMBER PLATE . My system works as, vehicle entering the parking vicinity activates a gate sensor(switch) placed at a limited distance from a toll gate(gate on which high resolution camera is been placed), then number plate information (...)
I made a project on automatic level crossing + track changing.I am controlling 3 stepper motors using two 89s52 controllers so I kept 3 sensor, one at station and other two for sensing train for gate to close and open respectively. But am facing a problem that when train approach first sensor the gate works fine and it closes but when the (...)
It is a project of controller and actuator for a two-way gate. Technical information: control: CPU Mega8 ? program in Bascom supply voltage: 230V actuators: 12V DC + trapezoidal sc
At first, have you thought of how to re-build your gate mechanisms from the existing manually opened set up. Some kind of sliding mechanisms with a motor drive etc. It would be better to work on that first and you have a motorised gate with manual control. It wont be difficult to convert that system into a remote opening mechanism with car horn or
hello. please give me information or datasheet from russian electronic component: 04пп2 : signal shaper often automatic gain control. 109ЛИ1 : DTL 6-Input AND-gate with low z output. С1.157. ПА1 : DAC. С1.153.
I need help trying to build automatic car parking monitor using pic 16F84 with a display (it must show when the parking is full and empty and show no of spaces available) and it must use infrared sensor with a beam gate . May you please supply me with the circuit that is relevant to this project . thanks
i am working on a project "automatic gate control and track switching in railways".i m facing problems in doing the track switching part.i am not sure about wic hardware should be used to switch the track??????.i m using a toy train in dis project n m using 8051..if i want to stop the train den do i need to design a model train????n in that case do
Hello, I am using Synopsys tools in creating a design flow for a standard cell library. The library contains two versions of the same cells, but they operate at two different supply voltages. The library also includes a level shifter. I generate the gate-level netlist using only a single supply voltage, and then have a script that runs to a
Can someone tell me how to control dc motor with pic16f877? i need to build an automatic gate using those parts. do i need to design a driver for DC motor?
Is there any design on automatic gate control ? what type of mototrs used?
None of them. But gate-level verilog netlist can be place-and-routed in Cadence's other tools -- not fully automatically.
Hi, I need some ideas for a simple project. Here is the scenario. I have an automatic (motorized) sliding gate. In order to open the gate a simple RF reciever produces a pulse in order to open the gate. After a set time the gate closes automatically. The problem is how to keep the (...)
Hi I've got to build this project urgently. the truth is I don't know microprocessors, I've got a little knowledge of microcontrollers 1. Is the info on that link enough 4 me to just build it? 2. what programmer do i use 3. where do I buy this Z80? 4. Can I get the Z80 already programm
There are lots of things you need to consider. This transmitter will produce a power output of around 1-100uW The gain of that loop antenna is probably in the region of -10dBi plus your hand and body will affect the signal. 300feet with no obstables is easy, you just need the receiver high enough above the ground. If you have several conc
Hi to everyone, I'm a installer for automatic gate mechanisms, and sometimes have problems with the operating distance between emitter and receiver, due to average distances 100-150m, open field, things use to be ok at the first 1-2 year operation, after this time people start to complaint about miss operation of gate's remote control, only (...)