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can it be received by an android phone? No. Requiring direct reception by a mobile phone without a gateway restricts the protocol choice to Bluetooth. Battery lifetime would strongly suggest BLE with maximum range of 10 m, unfortunately.
I am looking for an ARM single board computer for my IoT gateway project, who can recommend me one which could meet my requirements as below? Low power dual Ethernet WIFI bluetooth OS Linux low price lifetime above ten years I had a look at an item from Forlinx Embedded Tech. Co., Ltd and its name is i.MX6UL, its details are as below i.M
I am looking for an ARM single board computer for my IoT gateway project, who can recommend me one which could meet my requirements as below? Low power dual Ethernet WIFI bluetooth OS Linux low price lifetime above ten years I had a look at an item from Forlinx Embedded Tech. Co., Ltd and its name is i.
CPSW(double Ethernet of AM335X)could work in two modes, one is double MAC, the other is gateway mode. 131938 ENVIRONMENT MYD-AM335X,pc, network devices, Ethernet cable, etc of Linux system. MYD-AM335X Ethernet 0 <--connect--> ROUTER MYD-AM335X Ethernet1 <--connect-->
New tool for IoT gateway Prototypes: SeeedStudio*BeagleBone Green*Wireless unveiles*at Maker Faire Bay Area 129108 SeeedStudio*BeagleBone*Green*Wireless*[
I read that many of the iot clouds are using MQTT protocol . If so to receive message from cloud to the device(iot gateway device such as esp8266 based device) will the iot gateway device need to connect with the cloud all the time? or will it automatically connect when user send a message from his mobile app (similar to gcm) ? as Iam not that mu
Hi all, I am getting problem with my W5100 Ethernet shield interface with Arduino Mega 2560 I am getting localip address of my shield I have set the IP address of my shield at, gateway at, subnet mask at and used the library method Ethernet.begin(mac,ip,gateway,subnet) and called Seri
hello guys , i need some help in how to use a black box in system generator in matlab??? i have created a counter program in vhdl, i have called that counter.vhd in black box, i have given clk,rst input to it using gateway in, but im nt getting any counter values from the black box kindly help me !!!! here is my blackbox.slx image http
I have been using the gateway / Expert / Guardian / SmartSpice tools, have designed one analog product and some test chips with it. I am using the Windows version because it has better support for most of the point tools (exception being, TCAD is better off with Linux version). I used Cadence since they were SDA running on Masscomp 68K statio
Hi I have two sound blasters in my PC. I want to use one for listenning to music, and the second one to key a small RF rig at the same time. How can I setup different programs to use different I/O in the sound blasters? As far as I can see, The RF gateway software that is used to key the transmitter does not have an option to select shound cards.
Hello, I've been trying to work with the WIZ110SR to setup a quick test between the gateway and a serial port on another computer. I can't seem to get things working correctly. Once the setup parameters are loaded to the WIZ I should be able to communicate using RealTerm or any other hyperterminal program correct? I see the TX line on the ser
Hi, I would like to dedicate a PC (x86) to run EQSO software (windows 2000 and newer) to make an RF gateway. The PC will run the software and it will route the audio input from the sound blaster to the IP and reverse. If you are familiar this is what ecolink does, connect RF devices through the internet. For power and size reasons, I do not want t
Hi, I have TPC-31 Windows Ce Embedded 6.0 system. And i m using GL865 serial modem for internet connection via dial up connection, But TPC-31 has only 1 Serial com port , i want to use internet from ethernet way What should i do connect for GL865 to ethernet gateway ? How can i build this things ? Regards
I have a Samsung Tablet - model number SM-T310. Recently, I had to replace my Router with a Technicolor gateway - model number TG587n V3. My PC (O/S is Windows 7) is connected to the gateway via an Ethernet cable so that works normally. The Wi-Fi Network Name is visible on the Tablet, but it is locked out. When I press on it, it asks for the pa
Hi... I am using FIR Compiler6.2 in Xilinx System generator for a LP design..will this block read floating point values?..when i change the 'gateway in' block to floating point..error is saying that Error : Floating-point data-type is supported only for input TDATA ports of Fast Fourier Transform v8.0 block. Error occurred during
Nothing is different. You need to configure your office LAN so the address you are using is publicly available. It a LAN gateway problem, nothing to do with your ENC28J60 or the software you are using. Brian.
@mkrtich.nazaryan, You need a gateway which will have option to accept your camera input...and also the gateway should act like a WIFI router so that you can access it either through website or any app... Check the products from you mite get a what you wanted.
Code? What code? Draw your circuit or enter your netlist, and apply a properly scaled current pulse to whichever transistor you like (or all). You can do this all from within gateway (schematic driven) or from a netlist sourced into SmartSpice. The SmartSpice RadHard version is not commonly distributed and you may not have the SEE features unless
Hi, I just bought a "Babel Buster BB2-6040 Mod-bus to ZigBee gateway" ( ) module. I am trying to integrate my Zigbee board ( ) with BB2-6040 Mod-bus to ZigBee gateway but its not happening. Is anyone using this gateway. I am not able to configure the gateway. M
Hi folks, I am in search of a processor or SOC for development of a home gateway. The base unit is rather a modem and router combined product. That should have at-least following functionality. 1. should get connected to internet provided by ISP (Cable WAN) 2. should have atleast 4 LANs with one PoE LAN 3. LCD Controller 4. PCI-e or equiva