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Hi friends, this is gaurav and i have just downloaded the newest version keil mdk 5 from the oficial website . As it has a code limit of 32kb and my code is of 11 kb. But still i receive an error stating that : Limit: 0800h bytes. Target not created. Can anybody please help me.
Its not taking commands like ./my.tcl or run my.tcl or source my.tcl. Thanks in advance. gaurav
Hi gaurav, Challenge can be many I would specify few. 1. Placement : As frequency increase then PD engineer gets shorter time period per cycle b/w FF which will result in tight constraints... Need a placement strategy by PD engineer. 2.. CTS... If your placement is not good then you have high skew and latency. 3. Routing : Routing congestion .. G
Hello All , I am new to digital signal processing . I want start with some programming . Please suggest me ?? Is there is any need of hardware platform ?? Thanks gaurav
Hello Everyone I am doing project on color image segmentation, I have to operate on pixel color values of image. I have written code for the blocks required but i dont know hot to put image matrix on FPGA RAM ???? And how to call these values from memory on Kit I am using CPLD Cyclone II Regards gaurav
Hi. This is gaurav. Guys I am new to working on this kit, I need help on how to start programming for the lpc2129 board. Please help me, or if there is a thread already for this, please guide me to that. thanks in advance.
i have to send data using UART so can i connect TX SIDE: UART(COMPUTER)---->>MAX232--->>>D0(HT12E) DOUT(HT12E)---->>>WIRELESS TRANSMITTER RX SIDE: WIRELESS RECEIVER--->>>DIN(HT12D) D0(HT12D)--->>>UART(ATMEGA16) as ht12e send 12 bit frame 8 for addr
which microcontroller u are using Its clearly mentioned in the OP.
And my wired is working OK as I already told. I am using AT89C51. And I have tried every baud rate. With Regards gaurav Sharma As FVM said above you must use some sort of manchester encoding in your software (Good Luck there). For a VERY RELIABLE solution look at my post here:
Hi All, I am working on a Mixed signal design where AN IC needs bot Analog voltage and Digital voltage. I am using Switching power supply to generate digital voltage. I was wondering how can I generate analog voltage on the board. Thanks gaurav
hi Can u please elaborate on the following tf file section: DesignRule { layer1 = "via1Blockage" layer2 = "VIA1" minSpacing = 0.22 } What does it mean ? I am not able to get it ...
Hi all, Please tell me how many companies are working in india for process technology such as CMOS and other process could you please give me list of companies or suggest me some web link for that thanks and regards gaurav
Hi, I am looking for a microcontroller which can support 802.11b compliant PCMCIA wireless cards. I just want to transmit data thru the wireless card continuously. Please help me to find one. Thanks and Regards, gaurav