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hello everyone i have a signal for which i have get the first n sec derivative of gaussian filter am attaching the code i have written plz help me if am wrong..
GMSK Tx is very simple. The first stage is conversion of binary digits to bipolar levels and then apply the gaussian filter of suitable BT (=0.3 for GSM) and then integrate and find cos and sin yielding I and Q components of GMSK respectively. This is the complete Tx! You may use gaussfir (), filter(), cos() and sin() functions in MATLAB for (...)
I am talking about filtering out the TX to a "~ brick wall" bandwidth The reason, why GFSK uses a gaussian filter with a soft frequency characteristic is in it's time domain behaviour. A steep ("brick wall") filter would cause considerable time domain distortions respectively bit errors. As long as you don't implement a modul
hello everyone i need the equations of first and sec derivative of gaussian filter for peak detection of brain stem response signal .. plz help me in this concern......
Hi, all, As for an analog engineer, it's almost a nightmare for me to measure a digital gaussian LPF, I am not sure what kind of specifications should be tested, and how to measure them? Is there anybody could share me some documents on that, or some hints are also warmly welcome. Looking forward to your reply, and thanks in advance.
Dear all, I want to design a gaussian filter using microstrip line. Do you have any idea or suggestion or know any reading material about this? do you know any paper related to this?
hi I am also doing the project in palm print recognition.I will be cheerful if u share the information altogether. I need help in this part... How to Apply a lowpass filter, such as gaussian smoothing, to the original image, A threshold, Tp, is used to convert the convolved image to a binary image. can you please help me. guide me. my m
hi jothibalan, eyannemiliya , makesh I am also doing the project in palm print recognition.I will be cheerful if u share the information altogether. i think you have completed your project . I need help in this part... How to Apply a lowpass filter, such as gaussian smoothing, to the original image, A threshold, Tp, is used to convert the
Hi all, I have a question regarding the digital implementation of a gaussian filter for GFSK modulation used in bluetooth I know that the filter can be implemented directly as an FIR filter, but when I searched the internet I found that there are other methods used to implement the filter like: (...)
There are two effects that you should consider in your channel: noise and passband limitation (banwidth). If you are working on Simulink, you can add a "White gaussian Noise" generator to your circuit, and a bandpass filter for passband limitation (The passing bandwith of the filter is the working frequency rane of your antenna). (...)
Hi i am trying to filter a data set in matrix format using gaussian filter.i take the fourier transform of the data and then multiply with gaussian filter and take the inverse fourier transform of that. Now here is the function i have written(matlab) for gaussian (...)
Hello, I am designing a low pass gaussian filter with fc=1920Hz. I obtain this frequency but the phase margin forever is false. The following pictures show the ideal response and the obtained one of this filter: [url=imag
Hi to all, I am working on gaussian filters (Continous filters) for a RF receiver. This filter is a Low Pass filter to 12dB. My problem is to know the meaning of the 12dB: What does it refer to? Another point: Can any one comment this two figures and tell me how to calculate the 6dB transition for the (...)
Hello everyone, Thanks in advance for your kindly help. I'm to use a bandpass filter (preferably gaussian window filter with 2.4 MHz and 5 MHz cutoff freq.s) to filter out my discrete samples array (8017 samples, sampling rate= 100 MHz), and then obtain the output in C language. Using Matlab fdatool, I obtained the (...)
Hi, I want to generate a slowly changing signal (1 second duruation). For this, I must filter white noise with a filter which is characterized by an alpha function as below alpha(t)= t*exp(-t/tau) ( I think function is low-pass filter response) where tau=3 ms. I couldnt achive this in matlab. Can anyone help me for this? (...)
what you mean by top points of the image does it mean the maxima of the image... if you want to detect the local maxima then try using the laplacian filter on the image... i.e convolving the image with the laplacian mask... as you have said that you are using a gaussian filter before this it is better to use the laplacian of (...)
Hi, everyone. When I did a question on Wiener filter, I do not know how to deal with it. The question is as follows. _____________________________ It is known that a certain object g(x,y) of size 256X256 is filtered by h(x,y) and then is corrupted by white additive gaussian noise n(x,y) to become i(x,y). We observe i(x,y), and our (...)
my sample equation is supposed to be x(k+1) = x(k)exp(-wT) + w(k) where wT = 0.005 and w(k) is gaussian R.V. The algorithm is as follows: The simulated spectrum is obtained by taking the squared magnitude of the DFT of the computer generated process. The simulate curve is averaged over 100,000 sample functions, with each sample functi
If the output of the SDM for a fractional synthesizer only have two states a you have a critical numer like 23+1/256 there is NO other way than 255 times 23 and ONE 24. So the spur pops up in the frequency range where the PLL analog filter does not filter! Build a multi-number SDM FIRST! The try SDMs which approach the gaussian number (...)
Bluetooth defines the GFSK with BT=0.5, so I design a Gauss filter with: Matlab: h = gaussfir(0.5, 1, 8) And Bluetooth also defines that deviation of pattern 0101 must be not less than 80% of deviation of 00001111, so I simulate it with: Matlab: sym0 = ; sym1 = ; Matlab: gout0 = filter(h,1,rectpulse(sym0,4)); Matl