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Let, Signal Bandwidth - B_S Noise Bandwidth - B_N filter Bandwidth - B_F Power: Signal : P_S (Over its Bandwidth B_S) Noise : P_N (Over its Bandwidth B_N) Noise varies with frequency (in case of Coloured gaussian). Effect of Changing one on the other: 1) Bandwidth: As Bandwith is reduced to say B_F1 both signal and Noise
in general cases Find the noise variance or estimate it use the "fspecial" to design u r quick gaussian filter might work easily ..but it depends of the noise distribution... If u want a real good answer....u r questions must be very specific
hi guys does the filter response such as Butterworth, Chebyshev and gaussian apply to all type of filters or just lowpass prototypes ? Thanks
To generate a Rayleigh fading channel model, you first generate real and image part of the independent gaussian process, then you need design a filter to have the spretrum similar to Jakes model, i.e, to have the Bessel function as the auto-correlation. Passing through the I, Q gaussian process to this filter, you oculd get (...)
You need P2 statistics to determine P3. As mentioned above you may use a correlator if the noise is gaussian else you need to use a general matched filter. BRM
The hight IF is the best beacause the if filter i gaussian and adapted at the pulse duration. BP=1.2/τ. this is the best result of signal noise ratio. the pulse duration depend of the minimal resolution in distance (150m/?s).
Hello, all. Now i am doing palmprint recognition....But i face some problem. The problem is i don't know how to apply sobel edge detection and gaussian to extract the line from the palm image....i try to refer some papers and books...and found that the sobel is need to find in 0, 45, 90 and 135.....But i don't know how to apply it in my source
Although the filters may have the same basic topologies the value of filter elements determine filter properties. These are flatness, passband ripple, steepness, stopband attenuation, group delay characteristic etc. Each filter type has it's own transfer function usually named by inventors name. These are (...)
hi, if u know how to implement the MSK, then just add a gaussian filter at the o/p of the Tx. regards, a.safwat
The Watershed Transform filter: -------------- A Gabor filter is a linear filter whose impulse response is defined by a harmonic function multiplied by a gaussian function. Because of the multiplication-convolution property, the Fourier transform of a
i'm doing a final year project.. based on image processing... my scope are to detect the expression in face... my method are by using a gaussian to filter out the features on vertical and the horizontal.. nest is by using the eigenface value.. to optimize the effective of my image processing.. now i'm need coding in mathlab... anyone who h
It is important to select propper degre of compensation. There exists a degree of compensation where group delay and total delay is allmost constant up to the end of passband and is lower. It looks like realization of gaussian filter. This degree of compensation does not give max increase of bandwidth but a little bit les and does not increase dela
The placement depends on the response you want. For constant time delay with frequency, the poles are those of flat delay filters (gaussian or Thompson) with mirror image zeros.
hi, GFSK is very much like 'FSK' (frequency shift keying). Except that in GFSK, the baseband signal is passed though a 'gaussian filter' before it modulates the carrier, which reduces its bandwith (effectively, rounding off the edges :D ). gaussian filters are not simply 'low-pass filters', but have a (...)
encode the signal the modualtion at the rec
Hi neoflash, any gaussian stationary stochastic process filtered by a linear time-invariant system is gaussian at the ouput. This can be seen from the convolution integral that relates the output with the input, and by the fact that the linear combination of gaussian random variables is another gaussian (...)
Hello All, I want to make a GFSK signal as a input stimulus for Hspice transient simulation. Could any macro-model or VCVS generate a GFSK signal? or Is there any macro-model of gaussian filter for Hspice simulation? How I could get a GFSK signal in Hspice? Thanks!
Dear all: I need to implement gaussian filter to do modulation FSK. Someone know how to implement gaussian filter in FPGA or algorithm or code? Thanks .
Hi, I'm interested in an algorithm (or source code, any language) for calculating the pole locations for a gaussian to 6db or gaussian to 12 db filter. I have sources that provide the pole locations, and software applications that calculate the pole locations, but I need the algorithm. I suspect that it's done by some kind of (...)
Hi Valiant, An exponential decay pulse: 0 for t<0 k*exp(-t/tau) for t>=0 is the impulse response of a single pole low-pass filter. If you apply an impulse to a cascade of many identical low-pass stages (it doesn?t matter their shape, it?s enough they are identical), the result is asymptotically a gaussian pulse: 0 for t<0 k*ex