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Please help me filter the bit bipolar sequence thru a gaussian filter the one used in gmsk modulators with a given impulse response
As a mater of fact, higher the filter order more delay it will produce. Lowest delay has first order filter and so on. filter type does not change delay significantly but ringing is diferent. Lowest ringing has gaussian and Bessel types and it rises if Butterworth, Chebyshev or Eliptic. This is valid for linear transfer (...)
In traditional analog types with poles and zeros, the Bessel and Thompson are this type. One is maximally flat phase derivatives at DC and the other is an approximation of the gaussian amplitude response which also has flat time delay. The amplitude and phase responses are related by the Hilbert transform. As stated above, in DSP type filters
Hello tohji, Suppose that the noise at the input of the receiving SRRC filter is AWGN (additive, white and gaussian noise). The noise Power Spectral Density (PSD) at the output has a shape proportional to |H(f)|^2, this is a raised cosine shape. The autocorrelation function of the noise is the Fourier transform of the PSD, and this is the sh
I have a paper on hand said , "In GMSK Demoulation , this is quite strict and not realizable with a physical gaussian filter, the phase response can be kept linear and therefore sufficient for coherent demodulation." could u tell me why to be kept linear for phase response? and Could you have papers about GSMK or gaussian (...)
Hi, is there anyone that could help me for the block "Additive White gaussian Noise" of Xilinx Core Generator? I need it, but it isn't free on Xilinx Website! Thank you for your time!!! Max
Gabor filters are defined by harmonic functions modulated by a gaussian distribution. As an example, in two dimensions and using a polar coordinate system with coordinates and : Gabor filters bear some similarity to Fourier filters, but (by the gaussian damping terms) are limited to certain (...)
Dear friend, As Flatulent said above you can implement any transfer function through coupled lines. However Butterworth or gaussian filters are seldom used in microwave frequencies. What happens is the bandwidth of the microwave (channel) filter should be wider than the occupied bandwidth of the modulated signal so that the delay (...)
You can get a trial version of Super filter that will work for a limited time at It has gaussian filters as well as raised cosine types.
Who can give me some diagram for a shaper gaussian shaper amplifier. With Google, I can find a lot of custom made high perf. ICs ( CERN.... ) or bloc diagram, but noting else. I need a discrete or OPAmp based diagram. Thanks