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The motive for posing this questions arises from a difference of analysis between a colleague and myself. Our general environment is in the construction of an analog front end which takes in signals to an instrumentation amp in the low microvolt range. followed by a gain stage, which then feeds a 24 bit delta sigma converter. My understanding
Hi, Is there a block in virtuoso where I can input the time domain impulse to get the required characteristics? The reason why I am asking is because I am trying to model an optical channel which has a gaussian impulse response and modeling the transfer function using svcvs is a bit tedious. I have the time domain impulse response and it would b
Hello everyone :) I'm working on a project for fingerprints recognition and I'm actually trying to code the Gabor filter but I'm encountering many problems though I'm applying the exact formula of the filter!! I don't know what's the problem. I start by normalizing the image (mean = 0 and variance = 1) Then I calculate the local orientation
Hi all, please can any one help me to find the problem with this code i want to restore an image with it but the result is a black image Img = imread('C:\images\lena.jpg'); %Img= rgb2gray(Img); Img=im2double(Img); V =0.001; clc; x_N=V ; x_R=V *2; NImg=imnoise(Img,'gaussian'); % it was NImg=imnoise(Img,'gaussian',Var); sub
I would like to know how to properly filter a cosinus wave signal with a gaussian filter. I thought to use 'conv' to perform it. My code as follows : s = cos(2*pi*f*t); h = 1/(1/(sqrt(2*pi*var))*exp(-t.^2/2*var); %gauss filter sF = conv(h,s,'same'); I used 'same' to keep the same length. Is it correct this method of (...)
Need help with iterative wiener filter code from gaussian noise addition to performing the iterations
a pink noise filter uses -3dB/oct VS -6dB/oct You may be interested in the Nth order LC filters where you can design passband ripple or linear phase or max. flat and skirt band reject levels such as Butterworth , Causer, gaussian etc. you can also find chips that do 5th order filters with variables,... switched cap, and (...)
When implementing discrete gabor transform, we also have to discretize the frequency components of the transform. Let's say if the length of the discrete gabor filter(gaussian windowed) is L, what is a reasonable set of frequencies to be used for plotting the spectrogram in practical implementations?
hello..I have a problem. I want to know how to design a pulse shaping FIR filter in Matlab when the input to this filter is gaussian pulse. Could you help me please? In my case the output of this pulse shaping filter should be 5th order derivative gaussian pulse. Thanks. waiting for the reply.
hello..I have a problem. I want to know how to design a pulse shaping FIR filter in Matlab when the input to this filter is gaussian pulse. Could you help me please? In my case the output of this pulse shaping filter should be 5th order derivative gaussian pulse. Thanks. waiting for the reply.
i have formulated the code for the above..but i would like to add gaussian noise to the system.,..can anyone explain how a statistical gaussian noise is generated in matlab.....i think the in-built functions such as randn, wgn, awgn etc are used for generating random not much clear about this..please help me to solve this issue.... Than
i want to do channel estimation using kalman filter. this is the matlab code i formulated using the equations. the noise added is gaussian. but the problem is that i am getting a constant error instead of error getting reduced with the number of iterations. can anyone please help me to find the correction needed in this... its urgent..if anyone ca
In matlab I had seen the sampled response of gaussian filter.But I want that response in quantized form like in digital In which way I can see or get response in form of 0 - 1. Is there any converter then please tell me the link or name of converter or is it possible in MATLAB? Thanks
An analog gaussian filter can be obtained as a cascade of identical filters. You can construct a low-pass gaussian filter cascading several single-pole identical filters. The number of sections determines how similar to a true gaussian characteristic is the result. (...)
I am designing gaussian filter in GFSK modulator.. There is symbol rate ...this symbol rate is linked further in assigning integer formulas as: f symbol_rate * 2 ^24 /fclk I am not able to understand this formula MEANS ACTUAL PICTURE IS NOT CLEAR PLEASE Elaborate this. Thanks
need help to master here.. (if u have journal, please i need) sorry if my language not perfect.. (indonesia) i get stuck to my last project.. i asked to design GMSK modulator. GMSK = gaussian filter + MSK modulation.. but in this case, i should use OQPSK to change the MSK.. the GMSK modulator general specification: IF = 70 MH
For image filtering, after using gaussian or median filter with large numbers, the outside line of the image will become black, y will it happen??
we have a third order filter of length point 600 ,h becomes negligible,i thinked if we create an input signal(zero mean,unit power gaussian) of length n0 and run signal through filter,will get rid off any transient response and can use its output,such as another filter but its not true because if we convolve another signal (...)
Hi all, I am currently pursuing my master thesis and was interested in knowing if anyone can advise me regarding design of gaussian pulse shaping filter in VHDL...apparently a Bessel'S filter or a higher order suffices but the results are not as good as expected...any help regarding this would be great!! regards, Mridula
Gabor filters are defined by harmonic functions modulated by a gaussian distribution. As an example, in two dimensions and using a polar coordinate system with coordinates and : Gabor filters bear some similarity to Fourier filters, but (by the gaussian damping terms) are limited to certain frequency bands (...)