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hi all experts, when i disable USART rx interrupt and enable again then DOR flag set in UCSRA reg. so please tell me how to clear this flag.i am using winavr gcc thanks
If you're only using gcc because that's what you happen to have maybe looking at a different way of doing it would be useful? I think FPC/lazarus can cross compile to ARM (not really sure though) and has the ability to do inline assembly. It does work and cross compile between linux/windows OS's. Maybe that would be worth a look.
This is the code that is a result of you compilation process in Assembly. So you wrote your C code, and passed it to the gcc, the gcc then made this assembly code out of your helloworld program.
Hu guys! Anyone could help me solve the following problem. I try to simulate time delay estimation in Simulink based on gcc-PHAT method (see Fig1 for explanation). My FFT is correct as I checked it but I'm not sure why I can't get the correct sample delay (in this case 15). My Simulink model is shown in Fig2. Any advise and help will be highly
Hello,All I am totally new to the ARM cortex processors,and started setting up the environment for STM32F407VG discovery board. The compiler i am using is CoIDE with gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_7-2012q4-20121208-win32 when building the program in the IDE an error showed up. collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status Is it somethi
Hi, When i import a design into SDK (ISE design suite 14.7) and create a board support package, i get the error below: Staging source files. Running DRCs. Running generate. Running post_generate. Running include - 'make -s include "COMPILER=mb-gcc" "ARCHIVER=mb-ar" "COMPILER_FLAGS=-mlittle-endian -mno-xl-soft-mul -mxl-barrel-
There i no way, you can use Atmel Studio 6 on Linux. There are alternative IDE's (ie Eclipse, or Code::Blocks) that work on Linux. and avr-gcc is working fine on linux (you can even download Atmels version for linux) Debugging is going to be a challenge though. /Bingo
I want to convert 24Hr-to-12 mode in RTC DS1307 with atmega16(11.0592Mhz). Its ok with 24Hr mode. For its solution i had referred its datasheet....and read about 24/12 hour bit but in my code i cant find that where i have to make that change so that i can convert that time in 12HR. Compiler AVR gcc. #include #incl
Botha have support only for STM32. Atolic is gased on Eclipse & GNU gcc, Keil is using their own compiler. Both have free license with limit of 32K. But if you are using STM32F0, you can get free unlimited license for Keil. For STM8 you can use SDCC which is free.
I'm looking for a specific file used for compiling the SIM900 core for use with embeddedAT (using the arm-none-eabi toolchain rather than RVCT). The file is called "", and would normally be found in the ..\EmbatSIM\comptool\gcc\lib\ directory (according to the app_make_inc_s file). Does anyone have this file? -R
I remember pablin did pong & tetris in a TV with a pic16f... I myself made some games with a GLCD with a PIC16F88 in Assembler and later ported them to Avr-gcc for a Atmega32... please note my implementation could be very diff
Yep, both LPC and STM are nice micros for starters (like me) if you still work in a breadboard, take a look on the LPC1114, this dude explains everything to make it work with ARM gcc and the lpc' bootloader... if you plan to buy a development board, I can sugge
I have used the library from ihsan Kehribar (which is made in avr-gcc) and it worked at the first try...
I am trying to implement a GPS module with AVR Atmega32. I am finding difficulty in splitting the text read from GPS module, namely the $GPGGA line. I need to split segments of this line that are separated by commas and use the latitude, longitude and altitude for further processing. Any help in few line code to split this line will be very us
Hi welove8051 the most easiest way is to install the compiler on your target and compile your program directly on your target. But this is not the normal way. The correct way is that you have a development system on your PC. The development system consists of three different parts. 1.) Crosscompiler like gcc, binutils and libc. 2.) (...)
Build target 'Target 1' compiling ADC.c... --- Error: failed to execute 'gcc' Target not created can anyone help me to remove this errror.
Best is a subjective term. Try Code Blocks (a fork named em-IDE is also available) or Codelite gcc ARM Embedded
Thanks for the replies, I will look at the sample code. I am using EmBlocks and the bare metal gcc compiler. My core clock is 168MHz and the peripheral clock is 84MHz. I have tried using the timer and also PWM. The fastest I can go with these methods is ~2MHz? Using C, if I just toggle the pin, I get < 2MHz. (...)
Hi, while selecting Microchip Toolsuit I have three options to choose from pic30-gcc.exe(C complier), pic30-ld.exe(object linker), pic-ar.exe(archiver) Normally we select gcc, instead I selected pic-ar.exe and my program didn't build up and was prone to many errors. My question is can we built any program using (...)
Hi, I am trying to make simple Increment counter based on push switch. When i press switch the counter increments on LCD(16x2) but varialble(Incrementing) again goes to zero in next cycle. I have define that variable as Volatile so it won't be affected by Optimization of gcc compiler. My Code and Proteus File Attached. Just when we press but
Were these errors solved? I am getting the same error when I try to run a simple "Hello World" program. I am using the Questa 10.0b version. Tried to compile the C program using gcc and getting some compile errors. ---System Verilog program --- // Named as module top; // Declare the DPI import function import "DPI-C" funct
hi all, I want to connect micro2440 adc pin to external voltage(0v to 5v) and use 10-digit digital output. Can anyone help me with a sample code? I use linux qtopia and compile source code in ubuntu 12.04, with arm-linux-gcc. Finally, I want to send this 10-digit output(previous paragraph) to PC via rs232 protocol.I need another (...)
Hi guys, i have to do the code coverage measurement for a ARM Cortex-M3 project. The compiler used is ARM C compiler (from Keil MDK). I have look through the ARMCC compiler user manual and can't find something like GCOV in gcc which can help to do the Code coverage measurement. Does ARMCC compiler provide any source code instrumentation for code co
no, no, no, no, i can't use your make file make: *** No rule to make target '../conns.c', needed by 'conns.o'. Stop. when i use PORTD=j; code work well,ofcurse output seems be convert to inline(becuse output hex are incrase) your code work well ,you&me use avr-gcc but what does linker
You can certainly use SDCC - Small Device C Compiler which is based on Open Source gcc along with Code::Blocks IDE. SDCC supports a number of microcontrollers including the 8051 family. SDCC - Small Device C Compiler The Code::Blocks IDE is quite good and I have used successfully in a few projects. [URL
Wrong print format specifier? It's an implementation dependent thing, did you review the compiler manual? With gcc, %llx would be right for long long.
Hello, I have a code written for 8051 and build using keil c51 compiler. But i want to create a graphical static call graph for this project. How do i do this? When i did a google search, i got the tool Egypt which makes use of gcc and graphviz to create call graph. Basically i need to compile this code using gcc for (...)
Dear friends Since long time I am working on ARM controllers and habitual with Keil software to compile the applications. But few months back I found that it is possible to compile the code for ARM in gcc with some toolchain. With the help of edabord I am able to build bare bord toolchain. But still I am not able to compile code in gcc (...)
Hi, I have used AVR microcontrollers before (using avr-gcc library) and the arduino platform. But for a project I have to use a PIC microcontroller for the first time. I have a few doubts: 1) I am planning to use pic32mx250f128b which has a built in USB. I wanted to know how easy will it to implement this USB functionality acr
hi if u can't compile u self, try . it have precompiled binaries for win and mac. if u need a ide, get and for more info, google. if u need more help, just reply with questions. have fun 8)
Dear forum, Does anyone know of good tutorial(s) on how to develop blackfin applications using the gnu toolchain? Note I: I've installed eclipse juno and the blackfin-toolchain-win32-2012R2.exe on my Win7 PC Note II: I'm interested in developing bare metal applications Many thanks in advance, Hasan.
Hello, As a method of further idiot-checking my work, I like to ensure that I receive no warnings or (obviously) errors when I attempt to simulate using ncverilog. Is there a flag or something that can be configured with it to make it act like the '-Werror' flag for gcc (which makes all warnings errors and causes compilation to fail)? Thanks
because that chip is very old and you will not find C compiler or you need to learn DSP assempler You can learn how to port gcc
Suggestion: If you use AVR Studio or avr-gcc, it is much more simpler, and safer, to use for usart baud rate setting as it can handle the USE_2X bit automatically. Errors: F_CPU MUST be defined before including , if you don't get any warnings at compile time, then it is defined somewhere else, thus (...)
Hi, Spend some time learning C programming, then download a compiler and go from there. You can practice your C skills by using 'gcc'. Once you've learnt how to program in C, you'll be able to control pins and read inputs very easily on the ATmega series. Here is an example: #include /* replace with the correct header file */ #in
I am using AVR gcc compiler which comes with AVR studio. I dont have any library for reading JPEG file. I am using ATmega32 Microcontroller.
I just purchased a development board Ready for XMega from mikroelektronika and have to use this in my project. I am not having that much knowledge of AVR Micro-Controller's. But very good knowledge of PIC and 8051 Micro's. Please suggest me some tutorials for AVR XMEGA128A1 micro-controller.. I have to use gcc Compiler as i am not (...)
Install arm-linux-gcc Download & compile QT everywhere by arm-gcc . Then copy some library to Kit
How can we wrote programs for ARM LPC2148 and program our controller.. Are there any software like Keil for Ubuntu 12.04.. Yes, you can install the Eclipse IDE and ARM-gcc toolchain which provides C/C++ and Assembler development, example: Using Eclipse to Cross-compile
With WinAVR it stays in ROM because you are directing gcc to put it in ROM - not sure how AvrStudio handles it. The PROGMEM attribute is always a source of confusion for those beginning with AVR-gcc. The PROGMEM attribute is a powerful one and holds the potential to save a lot of RAM, which is something of a limited (...)
I have generated an object file from a c++ file by using following command: gcc -I path_of_header_file main.cpp From above command I got main.o file. When I tried to generate executable file using the following command it reports many errors: gcc main.o -o main Actually it is a system C file (...)
LCD LCD, I2C, UART SPI, NRF24L01 All it takes is a google search and then select the ones you like. There is also a big library collection www.procyonengineering.
HI All, I am currently trying to Build GHDL-0.29 on top of a newer gcc 4.6.3(fedora 16), ../gcc-4.6.3/configure --enable-languages=vhdl --disable-bootstrap configured successfully. and applied Kevin Steffensen patch ( ) and then 'make CFLAGS="-O"' Got below error collect2: ld
Hello Thomas I have been planning to use the ov7670 with STM32F4 and was looking in for some reference source while I found your thread. I took the liberty to download your code from the link you provided and have adapted it to be used with gcc and gcc makefile in a Linux environment. This is going well (...)
This sounds like the compiler (gcc or whatever) was not properly installed : ( You might need to check, maybe gcc -print-search-dirs or some other command (type gcc --help). If the features.h was your own header file that you included (and not a standard header file that came with your (...)
I have loaded the hex file of my .c code compiled in avr gcc into my atmega8.......But when the micro is inserted into the circuit board and circuit board switch is pressed random functions start happening without me pressing any key on my remote control.......only when i press the switch on and off many times the robot (...)
Read this about macro and this about headers
So I managed to compile the libusb-1.0.9 and the libusb-compat-0.1.4 to ARM and install in to my toolchain. But I cannot cross compile the simple lsusb.c (in attach) program. I am cross compiling using the following command: arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc -Wall -W lsusb.c -o lsusb_exe -lusb-1.0 and (...)
how to interface t6963 based LCD in C18 Compiler, first i tried to port another codes (CSS and gcc-AVR) and it did not work, now im wondering if there are anybody faced this problem before and how did he solve it(library, code, xlcd.h , port....etc) Thank you max
I have to get ready with the following for a job interview... can someone help me? 1. Skills to be able to create a C compiler for Finisar custom microcontroller architecture. 2. Port gcc over or build a backend to LLVM; however open to other solutions. 3. Knowledge and experience with compiler backend development