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I am a newbie in DSP. Now I am studying about noise, I've already known how to generate an AWGN in the channel model and how to primarily deal with it by an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) at the Receiver Side of my naive communications system. All of my works are limited in simulated programs by MatLAB. Now I let my white noise through a (...)
Please elaborate, where doe you see a "spike", how do you measure it? Turning a relay on will generate no spike on the coil side, the back emf during turn-off can be safely shorted by a freewheeling diode. May be you see contact arcing noise coupled into your measurement setup?
Please post a code so that we can generate Gaussian noise using vhdl that is synthesizable. The non synthesisable code is givenbelow. You may also mention the portions that we can edit in this program to make it synthesisable. That's like asking to do the homework. I am providing an alternative! Can't you not translate the co
Hi, I want to generate 500 MHz two sine waves which are opposite each other and oscillate with dc offset as shown in below figure. The voltage range of the oscillation is 0 V(min)~1.8 V(max) or 4.5 V~1.8 V. I try to find some circuits but there is no information about this. And i am not a circuit engineer. How i can generate these sine waves usi
hello, I want to add a stochastic noise to vsource, such as gauss noise. i note that there is a "noise file" field in properies of vsource. (1) Could I use this "noise file" to add a stochastic noise. how to write this " noise file" (2) Is there any other methods adding stochastic (...)
I have been designing PLL circuits using VCOs to generate carrier frequencies close to 4GHz. The VCOs come with wide tuning range,but quite bad close-in phase noise. My application demands,best possible phase noise,atleast an improvement of 10 folds over VCO based PLL. I looked for options, and found that DRO based carrier (...)
Provided the SMPS injects high frequent currents between case and other parts of the circuit, connected either to the mains or isolated output circuit, the primary EMI reduction means is having input and output filters, not returning the current to the earth ground. Any EMI current flowing through the earth line will generate a complementary curren
Hi all I was trying to simulate OSCwPhnoise in ADS. I'm using a Circuit harmonic and envloppe simulation engine. To generate the phase noise I use the OSCwPhnoise component. The problem is that I'm obtained weird result when i ploted spectrum. Anyone have any clue as to why this is happening? I'm attaching a (...)
Hi all I was trying to simulate OSCwPhnoise in ADS. I'm using a Circuit harmonic and envloppe simulation engine. To generate the phase noise I use the OSCwPhnoise component. The problem is that I'm obtained weird result when i ploted spectrum. Anyone have any clue as to why this is happening? I'm attaching a (...)
Hi, I am having a challenging situation with detecting an oscillation on a DC voltage. My DC voltage varies from 0.2V to 3.1V and may have a 90kHz noise of 30mV in normal operation. In some fault situations, noise becomes 100mV with frequency is still 90kHz. I am trying to design some comparator based circuit to generate a high output if (...)
Hello Designers I am simulating a full RF Transmission system in 60 GHz. I have a LO with frequency 20 GHz. I want my LO source to have phase noise (e.g. -100 dBc/Hz at 100k offset from 20GHz). I am using the source P1_tone (Agilent ADS). But I do not see any phase noise in my simulation. I am using Harmonic Balance (HB) simulation. All I need is
(1) fcmp=25MHz, fvco=800MHz, Ndiv=32, LoopBW=100kHz fout=100MHz (2) fcmp=25MHz, fvco=3200MHz, Ndiv=128, LoopBW=100kHz fout=100MHz I want to get 100MHz signal for both cases. I assume integer-N PLL synthesizer. Which case can generate lower in-band phase noise regarding fout=100MHz ?
The SCR bridge can work, but if you want to run the motor at low speed, you better use a variable DC source. AC phase angle control will generate much noise and unwanted torque ripple, and you are running the motor with a small fraction of rated voltage for your low speed application. If you already have the motor, you should make some experime
Why not use audio port and Audacity free s/w to generate any audio signal.? Any standard shape + noise, or harmonic filtered or .... With spectrum analysis in feedback thru aux in recorded. OP asked to control an arbitrary waveform generator, not generate audio signals; those are two quite different functions.
AWGN - Add White Gausian noise. to generate white gaussian noise u need function that generates random numbers with gaussian distribution (example randn in matlab) If your enviroment doesnt have gaussian distributed random generator you have to make one using standard random generator ( ex. rand function). So u have to: (...)
Hello all, I would like to generate a basic radar loop (Transmit bw=400Mhz, f center=9.5Ghz) and downconvert it back to IF (750Mhz) with a matlab code but I cannot. Below is the matlab code for it, can anyone help? --- clear all close all clc c=3e8; fs=20e9; fc=9.5e9; pw=12.5e-6; prf=8e3; bw=400e6; R=1500; t=0:1/fs:pw-1/fs; k=bw
Hello, I have tried to measure C/No on a Rohde & Schwartz FSP. I have a source that can generate different C/No (Gaussian White noise). When I try to measure with the FSP I come no where neare the wanted value. Is there anyone who have tried to measure this with the Rohde & Schwartz FSP? Regards
I am afraid that you have a severe PCB layout or/and decoupling problem. Prescalers, as many other circuits, can get in self-oscillation: I never got audible noise from a prescaler, but some DC-DC supplies might enter in a state that generate audio noise.
Hello I am designing a low-noise amplifier. Now it is time to generate the bias current properly. (Until now, I have used ideal current source) It must be rather unaffected by supply voltage. (I have supply voltage swing with large variation 5...20V) (I am producing a 5V-reference, but at least the reference itself still need bias current)
I am trying to generate a clock signal with random noise, but not using complicated VCO models in Cadence Spectre. One possible way I think is to use the vsource in analogLib with "prbs" type, and specify the bit file with "...0101..." pattern. So that, I can put the noise for the pattern as provided by the vsource model. But I don't (...)